Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday and Cleaning Day

I will do some cleaning this morning then start lunch.  We will have spaghetti and meat sauce and coleslaw and a veggie for lunch. I may thaw some fruit for dessert. I need to bake some cookies. It's been awhile since we've had cookies. 

I tried to get, Angie, the woman at Asbury Village to bake the cake for our 80th Birthday Bash next month but that is Independence's graduation weekend and she has ten cakes scheduled already.  She was to call me back after her work to discuss baking it on Friday but she never did so I will ask Wal Mart to do it, I guess.  I don't know anyone else in town who does that. This Birthday Bash is a problem for me since I have the wedding the very next weekend. I could order it from a bakery in Independence but then I would have to drive up there to pick it up. That might be a time problem. I don't know whether Utopia does special order cakes  or not but I will ask them tomorrow. We will go there after exercises tomorrow for cinnamon rolls and coffee.

I hope Katie has a project for me today. I hate to spend more then an hour shelf reading.

Well, I got rid of the old hangers I replaced with good ones last weekend. I donated them to a charity here in town. Also I got the name of another woman who might bake our 80th Birthday Bash cake. I have to contact her this afternoon after she gets to work. I wasn't given her home phone. I also arranged for the space for the breakfast on the following Sunday at Sirloin Stockade. Little by little its coming together. The planning meeting is this Saturday at 10:00.

More still later....

Paula didn't show up today at work so I did her work and my own as well. Katie wasn't there either.  I left at 4:50 and was very tired. Bob came over at six and had wine and popcorn with me  and stayed for the Big Bang Theory. We both agree it has lost it's pazazz. I believe this will be their last season.

I have taken my bath and will try to find something to watch on TV until 9:00. Then I will go to bed.

The landlady sent a man to mow this evening. He did a job but missed strips of grass from place to place. Before Bob left, I asked him to start his mower and I cleaned up the  mess the mower left.

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