Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday and Back to Work

Well, it was a short weekend. Even though I only worked two hours on Saturday, after spending the afternoon with Myra in Bartlesville, and then mowing when I got home, it was a busy weekend. Last night we had a good group at Living the Questions. Only Joyce was missing. She called before I left for Bobby and Karan's to say she had been sick all night and wasn't up to it.  I was glad she didn't try to come because all of us are old and we don't need to pass anything evil around. We had a good time though and a really good discussion. We did miss Joyce.  It will be awhile before we meet again. Bobby and Karan are going to Nauvoo to do some free work for the church. They will be gone three weeks. Marilyn left this morning for Colorado with Pat. She and Pat will be gone a week.

Missy wanted to go out this usual. But it was raining and she could find no grass to eat (besides I had mowed on Saturday afternoon) and she likes the old grass. The tips must be more tender.  It is supposed to rain all week except for Wednesday.  So it won't take long and she will find plenty to eat. She soon wanted back in and that was fine. I wanted to journal on this blog.

Leslie gave me some of her wonderful meatballs from the dinner yesterday so we will have those with fried potatoes and the leftover corn casserole and a salad. I still have cherry pie cake and ice cream for dessert. I took the cherry pie cake to Bobby and Karan's last night in hopes of getting it eaten but I brought some home.

I had a surprise  after lunch. I went to get the cherry pie cake out of the frig where I had put the dish and when I opened the lid, the dish was empty. Evidently the group last night did eat all of that dessert. That was fine. :) We had a dish of vanilla ice cream for dessert....with chocolate syrup.

More even later ......

I spent most of my four hours this afternoon putting away the DVDs that were checked out over the weekend. I am really tired. There's really nothing on TV tonight so I will read.

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