Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Busy Sunday

This will be a busy Sunday. Bob will be over shortly to read my newspaper. Then we will leave for church. Afterward several of us will eat out together.

When I get home I will get my congregational newsletters ready for tomorrow's mail.  Then I will read this afternoon until time for 60 minutes. I have a stack of magazines I am well behind reading. Yesterday afternoon I cleaned house and did one last load of laundry.

I have an early eye appointment tomorrow morning at 8:00 in Caney with Dr. Burch.  He will not refill my prescription for new contacts without first checking my eyes.  I had a disquieting moment yesterday when I went to pick up my blood pressure pill prescription at the pharmacist. The prescription was supposed to be $10.00 for a three months prescription.  The charge was $16.00. I asked about that raise in price and the assistant checked with the pharmacist. Sure enough, he had overcharged me $6.00. He corrected his error and charged me the regular $10.00. That's the second time I have caught him in an error.  I warn everyone to be sure to question anything that is unusual about those charges. They get busy and make mistakes.   (I'm attempting to cut him some slack). Some people never question anything and they are the ones who get overcharged. 

This evening Bob will come over to watch 60 minutes with me. He was here last night and we had a glass of wine and some popcorn and we watched a video Scott, my son, and Ginger, his new wife, left for me. It was The Book Thief. I highly recommend it.

Next weekend Bob and I plan to go to Branson for some recreation. This past week was definitely NOT recreation. It was a grind.  They packed way too many classes into the four days. And with only 15 minutes between for people to get a drink of water and go to the bathroom.  We are mostly seniors in this program. That schedule is way too hard on us.

More later...

The sermon went fine. After church Bob and I went to Just Us over at Cherryvale and had a fine lunch.  I came home and got the letters done and ready for the mail in the morning and also made up three more directories for Karan to sew for me. It is times like this that I wish I had kept my sewing machine.

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