Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday and Cakes Again

I got up early this morning and iced the cake I had baked last night. What a huge day yesterday was. I was exhausted last night and knew I would not be able to get up if I sat down before I baked that cake.

I took Missy out twice this morning and she seems contented. I also received the article I wrote for the newspapers about the wedding. Ginger filled out the names of her family for me and they sent a photo. I submitted it to all three of the area newspapers.  I hope it makes it....especially in the County Chronicle, which is the Caney newspaper. All three of my kids graduated from Caney Valley High School.

I will leave for Independence about 8:15.  I want to take the cakes by first before I go to the beauty shop.  After that I will go over to Juanita's house and balance her checkbook with her bank statement.

Bob will come over shortly. I need to fill out  his rent check. He forgot yesterday and left his checkbook in the car. I got mine written and in the mail.  Bob has essential tremor and it's easier for him to just sign the checks. He pays most of his bills online.

More later....

Here's the article about the wedding  Memorial weekend. I hope it makes it into the area papers.

Scott Miller and Ginger Davis were married on May 23rd, 2015, at John and Leslie Brooks’ farm home in rural Independence. Eighteen family members attended. Margie Miller of Community of Christ, and the groom’s mother, officiated.   Scott’s son, Jerod Miller, from Alameda, California  was present and acted as his best man.  Ginger’s daughter, Phallan Davis, of Nashville Tennessee  served as her maid of honor. Ginger’s brother, Larry McGuire from Baltimore Ohio, gave her away. Following  the ceremony the wedding party and family members were invited to stay for the reception. That evening,  the couple treated the entire group to dinner at Coffeyville’s Tavern on the Plaza. Those attending were: Scott’s mother Margie Miller,  sister and Brother in law John and Leslie Brooks, his son and daughter in law Jerod and Melanie Miller, cousin Jeremy, Marlene Brooks, their daughters Maia and Cheyenne Brooks, Ginger’s brother and sister in law Larry and Tricia McGuire, Gingers mother Linda McGuire, her Aunt Trudy McGuire, and Ginger’s daughter, Phallan Davis.

This afternoon was bad but not as bad as yesterday. I put away 3 baskets of DVDs and then I scanned another aisle. The good part of that is that when I scan each aisle's bottom two rows, I can sit on the stool.

I did stop by Juanita's this morning before coming home with the pizza.  I balanced her checkbook and it balanced. Then I went by Big Cheese and picked up a pizza for lunch. I also delivered the cakes and had my hair done.  It was a busy morning before a busy day.

Bob is here now reading the paper  and drinking the wine he brought today. We will watch "The Roosevelts" on PBS. 


Sister--Three said...

You look like a youngster!

Margie's Musings said...

Now, siste-three. You know I will be 80 in December. :)