Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday and Back to Work

I slept pretty well last night. I got up shortly after 4:00 because I knew I had quite a lot to do today. I have some beef ribs in the slow cooker now with onions and Bar B Q sauce.  I will bake a couple of potatoes in the microwave and we will have a veggie and Bob is bringing coleslaw.  I have an eye appointment over at Caney at 8:00 so I will need to leave here about 7:30 to be on time.

Missy was dying to go out this morning so I went out with her for about twenty minutes but I got chilly so we came back in.  While over at Caney, I need to mail Scott's DVD package to him.

I wrote my rent check this morning too and it will go out in the afternoon mail here. I always leave it and the newsletters for the congregation clipped to the mailbox outside. While I am at work this afternoon, the mailman will pick all that up.

I go back to work after lunch. It will be interesting to find what they got done about my job while I was gone last week. I imagine there will be a ton of DVDs to put away and the cases to be put into the DVD shelves. There always is after a weekend.  Then Katie may have me scanning bar codes again.

I heard from my nephew in Rogers after I e-mailed him about his sister's situation.  I told him about her cancer, her CT scan tomorrow and the surgery scheduled for June 26th.  That family is not particularly close. Denise and Dennis are the only ones who live around here and he never hears a thing from Dennis. Diana lives in Wisconsin and David in Rogers. He was surprised that his dad had not e-mailed or called him about the news.  I told him about his dad's own health problems and the fact that he had been in the hospital twice for A-Fib and once  for gall stones.  I reminded him that his dad is going to be 81 in July.

More later....

This afternoon was huge! I usually put away 2 or 3 baskets of DVDs. This afternoon I had to put away 7. It took me four hours to get it all done.  I am exhausted! I didn't even sit down when I got home. I still had a cake to bake for the Christian Church in Independence for tomorrow.  I have that in the oven now.  I will ice it in the morning. Phyllis just called to say she was bringing hers over. Good old Phyllis! I wonder if Karan remembered.

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