Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday and Exercise Class

Today is exercise class again. I must need it. My body aches. I haven't taken any Aleve yet but will see how I feel tonight.

More later...

Well I mowed the grass after the exercise class today and then fixed our leftover Bar B Q beef for lunch with baked potato and coleslaw salad and broccoli. I fixed some coconut cream pudding and we had that with whipped cream.

Then I went to work. I put away DVDs until 2:30 and then scanned bar codes until 5:00.  It was another huge day.

The good news is the story about our 80th Birthday Bash was in the Lifestyle section of the Independence Reporter paper complete with the photo.  That worked out well.

Bob came over for wine and to watch the news but the regular programming on PBS is reruns while they have their funding pitch so he went home and I am about to take my bath and watch something on TV...what I don't know. TV is so stupid anymore. The programming is absolutely ignorant.

I took a photo of one of the librarians who does the children's programs. She had made a telephone booth from large boxes and was going to use it to show the children a telephone booth...something nopne of them had ever seen because of current technology.

Here is the photo:
Isn't that clever?

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Sister--Three said...

Times are changing! She did a great job on the booth.