Sunday, May 3, 2015

Another Sunday!

I am making my coffeecake for the group at Church School this morning. I almost forgot I was going to do that. It's in the oven now so I'll try to catch up my blog.

I slept well last night. I didn't eat any supper. I was not hungry. I had had a cupcake at the shower yesterday afternoon.  I got up after 5:00 this morning and made myself a cup of coffee and ate my oatmeal and a banana so I could take my meds.  All I take is a thyroid pill and a blood pressure pill. But I take them with food.

I will ice the coffeecake after it cools from the oven. I usually just put a powdered sugar glaze on it.

I will go to Church School and church this morning and then I would like to go to Great China for lunch. I'd like to get a gift certificate for Bill's birthday. It's the 6th. He loves Chinese food and Great China has the greatest Chinese food around. He and I have always exchanged gifts for birthdays and Christmas. He has been my dear friend since 1989. He is a wonderful friend. He'll do anything for you when you are his friend. As a matter of fact, he'll do anything he possibly can for anyone who needs help.  He has a heart of gold.

After I get home I will do my weekly newsletters and get them in the mail. I will have to buy stamps for the ones that go out by snail mail. I want to get Bill's birthday card too.

More later...

We did eat at Great China and I did get the gift certificate. Then I came home and did the letters and birthday cards. Afterward I dropped by the bank and got some more money for the week.

Tomorrow at work should be interesting. I imagine there will be another couple of dozen books for me to find....besides putting away the DVDs.  I hope to be able to repair and clean some more DVDs.  I have a bunch stacked up on me.

Tomorrow I will go to exercises. Afterward I will put more ham in the casserole dish for lunch. We will have a veggie with it and Bob is fixing a salad.

I will also bake my cake for the Christian Church in Independence. Then tomorrow evening I will ice it. 

I will leave for Independence Tuesday at 8:20.

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