Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Exercises and Work

I will pick up Bob at 8:30 or so this morning for our exercise class. I slept very well last night. I awoke several times but was always able to get back to sleep.

Missy went out briefly this morning too. But then she was  startled about something and after eating a little grass, she came back in the house. I took my coffee out and swept off the carport.

In a little while, after I finish my coffee, I will bake my cake. After it cools, perhaps later this morning, I will ice it and cover it so I can take it to Independence in the morning. Bob will be bringing his and Karan's over either this evening or in the morning. He has Karan's in his freezer since she and Bobby are still gone to Nauvoo doing volunteer work for our church. They should be home sometime this week.

It's supposed to rain every day after Wednesday beginning on Wednesday.  Even the weekend is supposed to be rainy.

I imagine I will be hunting books at work this afternoon. For some reason, many of the non fiction books did not make it into the system. We didn't have that problem with the fiction side. At this rate, it will be at least a year to finish the inventory. I scan one entire afternoon and then spend the next two days hunting books that didn't transfer into the system when they changed bar codes. Since they are not checked out much, the glitch was not discovered.

Oh's all work. And I need the work.

More later....

It was a huge afternoon!  There were 100s of DVDs returned from the weekend.  I started putting them away about 12:50.  I got most of them into the machines before Paula even came in at 1:30 and she didn't do much of anything but visit with Sara. I put away two basket fulls of DVDs and left one more for her to do.  For one thing, she was just throwing them into the baskets while I have them organized so they can be put in the shelves in an orderly fashion. After I got mine finished, Adrian wanted me to help him by looking for some lost books Katie had given him to find.  I found a dozen before Katie came and told me she wanted me to find some more books for her....34 of them. I gave Adrian's list back to him along with the books I had found.  Then I started looking for the ones Katie wanted.  I finished about 4:00 only to find that Paula had left without doing anything at all. I sorted those in her basket and got them put away just in time to find another 50 to put away and cases to sort and get into the bookshelves. I finished at 5:00. I never had a calm moment.  I was exhausted when I got home. I fixed myself a cup of Chai Latte and recovered before Bob came over for wine. He left at 7:00 and I will put my beans on to soak for Wednesday before I got to take my bath. In the morning, I will put the beans in the slow cooker to be cooked.  After they are finished,  I will put them in a 2 quart bowl and in the frig.

Wednesday I will just warm them up and make cornbread. I will have lunch ready. Bob has a doctor's appointment tomorrow in Bartlesville so I will not cook lunch for us.

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