Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday and Rain Forecast

We have rain forecast today. It's been hot and dry all week until now. If I'm going to take Missy out, I'll have to do it before the rain begins.

I sold another book on Amazon. It's been quite awhile since I've sold any and then suddenly, I sold day apart. I've sold a lot of books over the years that I have listed on Amazon. They take a small commission but they also pay the shipping.  So I still come out way, I have thinned out my book collection. I don't want to leave that mess for my kids.

I slept well last night again. That's good because this past few weeks, I have really been tired.

Today we will have hamburgers and french fries for lunch. I don't want any leftovers for over the weekend. We have some jello left and also cookies for dessert.

I took Missy out for an hour this morning and we watched it rain. When I was ready to put her back in, she was very angry about it. She growled and hissed at me.  But I took hold of her and steered her back in anyhow. She is now up in my chair...getting cat hair all over it. :)

Tomorrow I will go to Independence to balance Juanita's checkbook.  Bob will go too and take the car and go visit his sister, Betty, who lives there. I will call him when I'm finished and we will go eat at Big Cheese.

More later....After exercise class, Bob left to go take Denise home from the hospital. She still does not have her pathology report but they were ready to release her anyhow.

More even later....

What a day! Katie wanted me to scan in the children's department.  I tried. I really tried.... but the children were even noisier then the adults in the adult side.  They screamed and played loudly with toys. I was having a time trying to concentrate on my scanning and then to top it all off,  they wanted to talk to me. I lost my place several times. I had to go back time and again and check the numbers to see if I had already scanned one book or the other. It was a mess. I got one side of a small bookcase finished before I gave up. I told Katie it was almost impossible for me. Plus, on top of all that, the bookshelves over on the children's side are just two shelves off the floor.  I had a terrible time sitting on the floor trying to scan those bar codes. Between the noise, the children talking to me, and the sitting on the floor trying to work,  I was a nervous wreck.

I found additional work to do on the adult side.  It was tough. I even considered calling Aime to see if there was anything available anywhere else but the library.  But I knew there wasn't. I was lucky to find a place at the library.

Bob came over later this evening and we had wine. He left at 7:00 and I took my bath and sat in the recliner with Missy until bedtime.. 

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