Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday and Back to Work

This morning I am to meet Aime at the library at 9:00 so I will not be going to exercise class this morning. I don't know what she needs this time. I have made a meatloaf and will bake it after it's closer to the time to eat lunch.  We will have baked potatoes and a veggie with it.  I have some chocolate pudding for dessert.

I am hoping Cathy can move my hair appointment into this morning since I will be waiting at the hospital tomorrow morning for my niece's surgery to be over. I want to talk to the doctor afterwards and see just how bad it is.  If Cathy can't do that, I will wash it myself this evening. It's short enough I should be able to do that.

I will undoubtedly have a stack of DVDs to put away this afternoon.  On Monday it's usually a nightmare. But generally because of all the DVDs, I don't have to scan bar codes.

We attended the Living the Questions group last evening at Joyce's home.  There weren't too many of us this time. Only six of us could be there this time.  Gretchen is gone back to Alabama, Howard and Judy are back in California and Richard and Mona are unable to be there. Mona will be leaving for Egypt soon.  Mona is originally an Egyptian. She goes back home to visit relatives every year.  We got home around 9:00 after a period of discussion.

I took Missy out for awhile this morning. She wandered way back toward the back of the apartment complex next door and I was afraid she was going to get away from me so I picked her up and carried her back into the apartment. She was one mad kitty!

I went to the library early and lo and behold, Aime was there early too so she gave me the shoes she was delivering to me and left and I called Cathy to see if my 9:10 appointment was still open. She said it was so I took off for Independence right then. I got there with five minutes to spare and she got my hair washed and fixed. That's done and now lunch can be back to 11:30, our usual time.

More later...

We will not plan lunch for tomorrow.  Bob and I will be up at the hospital waiting for Denise's surgery to be finished so we can talk to the doctor and see if he can give us any idea how serious this is. We may stay with her while she is recovering in the hospital. They say a family member should be there to regulate the pain medication.

We will just play it by ear.

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