Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday and House Cleaning day

Thursday is the day I clean the apartment and do my laundry. The laundry is already in the dryer. I started it as soon as I got up this morning. Right now I am dealing with the blog. I had a bowl of cereal and cranberry juice already and will take Missy out on the carport before I begin my cleaning.  She has been waiting patiently.

I always put her two afghans in the dryer on fresh air setting every week too. I always get a lot of cat hair on the screen and I realize she sheds like mad. I got both of them out of the dryer and cleaned the screen before putting my underwear and towels in there.

I want to look up my recipe for the chicken casserole we're having for lunch before too long. I may have to make an emergency trip to Country Mart before I can start lunch.  We will have Bob's salad and a veggie with that. I also want to bake cookies this morning.  I have some frozen fruit we can have with them. I hope to have enough time to get everything done before I leave for work.

More later....

Karan called me and she is bringing us dinner so I won't have to cook after all. Isn't that nice! I  did put some garlic bread in the over and we had Bob's salad. I also had some fruit and cookies.

After I went to work, it wasn't a terribly bad day. I put away a lot of DVDs and cleaned and repaired some too. I put away new books.  I did not have to scan any bar codes.  Katie was only there a short time. I don't know where she went. She has a lot of meetings.

Denise is going home from the hospital tomorrow. She doesn't have her pathology back yet but they want to let her go home. I hope that works out. Bob is here now.  We will have our wine in a minute.

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