Sunday, June 21, 2015

Today is Father's Day Sunday

I had this post finished and it did not "save" so consequently, I lost it.  I was saying today my daughter will be speaking at church and will probably honor her father. She adored him. I had a stepfather after my own father was killed in an industrial accident. I had a great stepfather. He and I were great friends until the day he died. In fact, I was with him when he died. He had come home from a nursing home to die at home. I helped my mom care for him and I was with him when he died.  He died a terribly painful death of lung cancer and four years later, in 1980, my mom died of pulmonary fibrosis. They were both heavy smokers all their lives and unfortunately, they paid dearly for it. Neither my sister nor I ever smoked.

Today after church we will probably eat out somewhere with the group. Then I will come home and do my newsletters and get them out on the mailbox for the mailman to pick up tomorrow.

Missy wanted out as usual this morning so I took her out for awhile. I took my coffee out with me as is my usual thing. While I was out there I watered my container flowers.  I will need to be diligent about watering them now that the rains have apparently finished for awhile. Right now she is lying here beside my chair enjoying the sunshine that is streaming in from the kitchen window.

More later...

The church service was very good today and afterward 11 of us ate out together.  I just finished my congregational newsletters and have them ready to put out on the mailbox to be picked up tomorrow.  Tonight after 60 Minutes, Bob and I will attend the Living the Questions group meeting at Joyce's.  It will be the first time we've met this month. We have all been really busy!

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