Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday and Back to Work

I slept pretty well last night although I awoke at 3:30 and never did get back to sleep. Finally at 4:45, I just got up. I put my laundry in and have that going right now in the dryer.

I always dread Mondays at the library since all those DVDs come back in.  It takes me from 12:50 until 2:30 to get them into the machines and then I have to get the empty boxes on the shelves. It's a mess. It makes me almost ill to imagine what the weekends at those homes must be like. I can just see most of the parents setting their children down in front on the TV and letting them just sit there all weekend watching one DVD after the other instead of playing outside with their friends or reading or even playing educational games. They are allowed five DVDs each and sometimes the family leaves on Friday with 15 DVDs for their children.... plus their own.  They should be doing things with their children and giving them some training. Children don't learn manners or how to deal with relationships by osmosis. They have to be taught. And the parents, not teachers, should have that responsibility.

And the noise.....well I've said plenty about the noise in the past.  After working with that problem for months...since last is better. They know if they get really loud, I will come into that teen room and tell them to quiet their is a library, after all...not a recreation center.  People come there to read or study and even to use the computers. No one can even concentrate with all that noise. And, unfortunately, many of the adults are just as bad. I have been known to quiet them down too when I was trying to concentrate on the inventory or when it just got unbearable.

Oh well....I just have until next September 30th 2016...unless the college eventually does call me in for an interview and Aime moves me there.

Today we will have our swiss steak for lunch...with boiled potatoes, a veggie and a salad. And now I have all that dessert I fixed for the meeting last night.  So we should be fixed for lunch.

More later....

The lunch went well. I took some of that cherry pie cake dessert over to Marilyn. I sent the rest of the swiss steak home with Bob.

When I got to work there was a huge pile of DVDs to be put away. I spent from 12:50 until 3:00 getting those into the machines and the boxes into the shelves.  Then I put away the new Fiction and did the filing for Sarah.  Finally Adrian asked me to bundle up all the 2014 magazines so we could put them into the book sale on September 11th and 12th. The library is participating in the 100 mile sale that goes on that weekend.  Our church is also participating.

I got about half to two thirds of the magazines bundled. I will try to finish today.

Bob will go to Independence with me in the morning and while I get my hair done and balance Juanita's checkbook, he will go visit his sister, Betty. Afterward, we will eat at Big Cheese again.

Then I will drop him off at his home and go on to work.

That's the plan.

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