Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday and Another Sermon

I will speak again at church this morning.  The woman who was scheduled is out of town and I was supposed to have presided but the pastor asked me to take the sermon and she would preside. That worked out.

Yesterday was very busy and I never had an opportunity to blog. Early on I went to the Lion's Club pancake breakfast all connected with Dalton Defender Days here in Coffeyville. If you recall your Midwest western history, you may remember that the Dalton gang came to their end when Coffeyville residents defended the town's banks against them. They attempted to rob both banks at once and that was discovered early on. The men downtown got their guns and proceeded to stop that. Several residents were killed attempting to stop them but all the Dalton gang except one were killed. Emmitt, the youngest, lived to go to prison and several years later was paroled. From then on, he became a model citizen. The robbery attempt was in 1892. Every year the first weekend in October Coffeyville celebrates their brave citizens.

Following the breakfast, Bobby and I arrived at the fourplex at the same time. We were going to install Marilyn's garbage disposal. Bobby actually did the installation and I handed him tools. In the process, I tripped and fell flat on Marilyn's floor. I skinned my right arm but only the first layer of skin, It didn't even bleed but looked terrible. It is fine this morning. It never did hurt...nothing but my pride. Anyhow, he got the disposal in and Marilyn was very happy to have it. She is going to bake Bobby some snickerdoodles. He will feel well paid. :)

After that, Bob A and I drove down to Bartlesville. I wanted to get some of my Merle Norman makeup and lipstick and we wanted to have lunch there at McAlister's. There was a note on the door of the Merle Norman store that the shop was closed due to a medical emergency. So we went on to eat lunch and later to the mall where we shared the price of some Bed and Bath foaming hand soap. We walked the mall and then came on back home.

Later Bob came over to watch TV but read the paper instead and then went on home. There was nothing worth watching on TV.  Saturday nights are devoted to sports. In fact, most nights are devoted to sports. TV programming is a joke anymore. It's actually a waste of money. I watched Forensic Files with Missy until bedtime.

I slept well and awoke shortly before 5:00.

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Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

That history, unknown to me, was interesting! :)