Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday and Church

Today is Communion Sunday at church. Karan is presiding and Sue is speaking. After church Bob and Phyllis F and I are going over to Cherryvale to "Just Us" for lunch.  I will pick Phyllis up after I pick Bob up this morning at 9:00 and she will not have to leave her car at church.  I don't think any of the others will go with us. For some reason they are not impressed with "Just Us". It's a buffet.  But it's a buffet with lid covered food. The $10.00 we pay for lunch includes dessert and drink. We will enjoy it..I'm sure. We always do.

When I get home I will do the congregational newsletters for church. I will have to buy some stamps. I only have two left. and I usually need four or five for those without e-mail. It depends on who attends today. If they attend, I don't send the letter. They will hear the announcements. Next week we have the Samaritan Child shoe box filling project and no church school or church. We will also have a brunch. I will take my coffeecake.  

I slept well last night. I awoke twice but managed to get back to sleep both times. I just had a banana for breakfast and two cups of coffee. I ate too much yesterday evening. I had a small black walnut milk shake while Bob had a hamburger and tea. I will make up for it at lunch today, I'm sure.

The Royals won again last night and if they win their next game, they will win the World Series this year.

I had better go to the bank and get some money for lunch.

Back later....

We had our worship service and then afterward Phyllis F, Bob and I went over to Cherryvale to "Just Us" and had a real good lunch. We may do that more often on Sunday. When we eat with the 8 to 12 others, I seldom have an opportunity to visit with anyone. Everyone is talking at once. This way the three of us have a real good visit and a good lunch too.

I got my newsletters finished and in the mail.  Now I can change my clothes and relax awhile.

More later....

It turned out to be  alovely afternoon warm and sunny and miracle of miracles, Justin mowed while I was at church. I let Missy out to roam around and lay in the sunshine and went out with her. After an hour or so, I texted Bob and asked him if he would like to come over and sit out and enjoy the sunshine. He came and stayed all afternoon.

Captain Phillips was on one of the Fox stations so we watched that until 7:00.  And then the World Series began and I watched it as long as I could.  Missy, of course, lay on my lap and enjoyed having her feet rubbed.

The Royals won 7 to 2 in New York and are the World Series winners. I know folks from Kansas City who are ecstatic.

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