Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday and Laundry Day

I slept like a log last night. We had our Living the Questions group meeting at Joyce's last night and stayed until almost 9:00 visiting following the DVD viewing and comment time.  When I got Gary and Bob delivered home, I came home and took my bath and sat with Missy for an hour in the recliner and watched TV.  Then we both went to bed. I had gone to the market and bought everything I needed for Christmas dinner and also my print cartridges. Keith had fixed my printer and computers and mail program and Leslie had printed off the class newsletters. My kids had fixed everything.

Bob just texted me to see if I am among the living.  I assured him I am and told him my plan for the day. I have the laundry in the washer now and will wait until tomorrow or Wednesday to strip my bed and do that laundry.   I may clean today as I usually do on Monday if I get all those letters in the mail early.

I decided to just eat out today and I treated Bob. I gave the meatloaf to Karan and Bobby. I had those letters to fold and insert in envelopes so that took some time..

Yesterday afternoon I took a tin of peanut clusters over to Marilyn and sent some home with Bob. I have just a bit left over. I may fix that for Wayne and Merrill, my ex landlords. Wayne is 95 and pretty frail.

Tomorrow I will go to Independence to get my hair done and Juanita has her bank statement, so I will balance her checkbook and then we will eat at Great China or Big Cheese before coming home.  Bob can visit with Betty, his sister.

More later....

I got it all finished before lunch and we ate lunch/dinner at Sirloin Stockade.  Now I have put away my one load of laundry and Bob is doing his one load.

While I was out at Leslie's this morning my great granddaughters were there too and they were looking at the puppies. They are three and five.  The Corgis are two weeks old and the mixes are one week old. They are all so cute! The Corgi's eyes are open now. John has fixed a place for each litter in the Garden House. He has built a screen wire area for each family and they will have a door in the front door for the moms to go in and out.  They have put a little radiator heater in there to keep them warm.

More later....

I talked to Leslie this evening and the family are all coming over Thursday evening to open gifts.  I have bought two half gallons of Braums eggnog today in anticipation of it and will make some banana nut bread and I still have some cookies and peanut clusters.  I will clean house on Wednesday and change my bedding too. The apartment will be nice and clean for the occasion. 

I watched Apollo 10 for the first time in years tonight after Bob and I watched The Christmas Carol.. We ate some popcorn and I had some Chia and my yogurt.  He had hot chocolate.  Then when he went home I took my bath and sat in the recliner as usual with Missy. She loves that.

Better get to bed. It's after 9:00 and I have my hair appointment in the morning and while Bob visits his sister, I will balance Juanita's checkbook.


Sister--Three said...

Keith is a jewel for you, indeed! Computer work is expensive and many of the techs are not that good at what they do.

Margie's Musings said...

Keith is excellent. He works for Homeland Security