Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday and Hair Day

I go to Independence to get my hair done today. Bob will visit his 92 year old sister, Betty, while I balance Juanita's checkbook later this morning. Then we will eat at Great China or Big Cheese. Tomorrow I will clean house, change my bed and cook. I haven't decided yet what to have for lunch/dinner then. I need to go through my cookbook and decide.

I slept pretty well last night. I did get up at 4:00 AM. I was wide awake.  Missy got sick on the carpet last night and I found it this morning and cleaned it up. There were three different places. She must have overfilled her stomach. I was able to just pick it up with Kleenex. I will put some carpet cleaner on the area.

I am going to have Christmas Eve gift opening here at the apartment. I will bake some treats and also have eggnog. I have some cookies and even some peanut clusters ....although not many. I gave most away for gifts. I may make some more for Thursday evening and also for my Living the Questions group.  I'll see how the time goes. I will need a few more tins if I do that. I'll play it by ear.

More later...

By the way...want to buy a beautiful car? This is my son's car.  It's for sale. A 2013 Mustang...fully loaded! Sale $16,500.

I did go to Juanita's and didn't have a bit of trouble getting her bankbook balanced,  Afterward Bob and I went to great China for lunch. He brought some home. I nearly finished mine. Bob has decided to make the banana nut bread from Thursday night. He has the ingredients.

I bought a small poinsettia for Juanita for Christmas. She gave me a box of chocolates. I will enjoy them Thursday evening too. We have been friends since she was 80 and now she's 92.

More later....

It was mild this afternoon so I took advantage of it to dump all my spent flowers off the carport into a large trash bag. Then I drug it over to the trash container and pulled the container over on it's side and pulled the bag into in and then tugged on it to get it upright again.  I swept off the carport and then went around to the flowerbed that John, my son-in-law made for me and cleaned it up too.  I'll take a photo of it tomorrow after I clean the house and do my laundry.

Bob is here now and we will watch TV this evening.

He left early and I took my bath and watched the rest of "Prohibition" on PBS, before going on to bed at 9:00PM..

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