Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday and Cinnamon Rolls at Utopia

I didn't sleep all that well last night. I woke up three times but managed to get back to sleep each time. I slept until 6:00 AM which is unusual for me.

I think today is cinnamon roll day at Utopia. Bob will call and tell me when he finds out.  We will have a cinnamon roll and then later...lunch/dinner. We are having tuna noodle casserole today with a veggie and his salad. I have cupcakes for dessert.

It is 27 degrees this morning but is supposed to get up in the 60s later today.  I am looking forward to that.  That will come to a speedy halt by Wednesday next week.

More later...

I took Missy out but it was too cold for her so I just took the newspaper over to Marilyn's mailbox and then came back in the warm house. Missy was ready too. I have been playing Freecell for the past hour.  This afternoon I will bake cookies again. We ran out last night.

This desktop computer has been freezing up periodically. Rebooting helps temporarily but it still freezes up from time to time. I have asked Keith for advice but he is at work and will probably have to tell me his ideas when he gets home this evening.   It's running on Windows 7 and doesn't have a necessary file to upgrade to Windows 10. I have Windows 10 on the laptop and it does just fine there.

Well, more later.....

We have finished lunch/dinner and it was good. We had plenty so I took a casserole dish over to Karan and Bobby. Karan is having a time with Bobby. He has become confused and she has her hands full dealing with that. She was at the market and he disappeared. I went over and helped her carry in her groceries.  I also took them the casserole dish.

Poor Karan and Bobby. They have their hands full.

More even later...

Bob came over at 5:00 something and was here until 7:00. After he left and I had had my bath, I found American Masters on PBS. It featured  Mike Nichols. He was very well liked as a director and won numerous awards including several Academy Awards. He was a genius but very well liked.

Afterward I watched one on Mary Tyler Moore that was also very interesting.

I went to bed at 10:00.


ChuckFu said...

Mom try going to and look in the windows 7 support

Margie's Musings said...

I'll do that. Thanks, Keith.