Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday and a Meeting

Today should be quieter. I have a meeting this afternoon at 2:00 to help plan the Martin Luther King service for the afternoon of January 17th at 3:00. Other then that, I am free today.

I may make stew for lunch/dinner. Stew meat was on sale at the market yesterday so I bought a pound of it. I also bought some sale "grands" for biscuits. I still have pudding and cookies. I have celery, carrots and potatoes so that would be a start.

It's 44 degrees this morning. I see they have almost taken the snow out of Saturday's weather forecast.

More later...

I have the stew on and it's beginning to smell really good. I hope so. I want to thicken the liquid and make it thicker. The last time I made stew it was more like soup.

I went to the dollar store and bought some birthday cards for this month. I have four on my list for birthdays this month.

More even later....

The stew was very good. I gave a big bowl of it to Bob for him to take home for his supper. Then Marilyn came over and brought my brownie dish back and I gave her the rest of it with a couple of biscuits. She was delighted. She previously did not know what she was going to do for her supper.   So she had stew.

I read all evening. I had watched a bit of PBS to see the political commentary. Then I just read. I had downloaded a mystery off of the $1.99 list on Amazon. So far, it's o.k. but it's sure not John Grisham.

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