Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday and Exercises

I didn't sleep all that well last night. When I woke up in the night, I found that my sinus had drained all night and my nostrils were stopped up. I got up and blew and blew and had a bloody nose.  I have been having that problem lately, Taking a Benedril tablet usually helps but it sure didn't last night.

Anyhow, this morning I will go to exercises again. They are boring but I need the flexibility. Today is also cinnamon roll day at Utopia. The class will go for coffee and cinnamon rolls after exercises.

For lunch we will have the homemade veggie soup Karan gave me. I will get some more cheese to eat with it.  I bought some whole wheat crackers this week and I like those better then saltine crackers. We will have some of those cookies I baked yesterday for dessert.

I don't have a plan for the afternoon.

More later...

After lunch I was going to take the blower and blow all those leaves away from the east side of the apartment. I worked on it for nearly an hour and didn't make a dent in it.  I was exhausted when I texted Betty about it. She is sending Justin and his son over Sunday afternoon to clean up that mess. I am so glad. I can no longer do that.

More even later...

After Bob left at 7:00, I turned over the channel and watched "A Time To Kill". I had seen it several times but it is a very good movie and Missy and I watched it again.  Then we went to bed at 10:00.


ChuckFu said...

Esther has taken up crocheting scarf and blankets for the homel2ss here in Phoenix, she donated about 20 scarf and has one blanket done and working on another

Margie's Musings said...

That's wonderful! She is so special!