Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday and Exercises

I will go back to exercises again today. I really need the exercise.

After that I will come back home and start lunch/dinner. I will have chicken pie. We will have broccoli and coleslaw with that. I still have pudding and cookies for dessert. I took the remaining casserole over to Karan and Bobby.

This afternoon, after lunch, I will go out to Asbury Village and play bunco there. Seniors are invited. Then Wednesday evening at 5:30, I have PINCH meeting. I will go early at 5:00 and help Marilyn with the coffee, etc. She is hosting the meeting again at the Presbyterian Church. It will be a busy day.

More later...

It was a busy afternoon. I played Bunco until almost 4:00. On my way home Karan texted me to say their car was ready and asked if I could run them to town to pick it up.  I was really near their corner so I just turned in and texted them that I was in the drive.  They had asked Bobby's son-in-law to take their car to be washed when they visited over the Valentine holiday. In doing that, he accidentally backed into a pole and damaged the rear. She had a hard time getting it in to be repaired. Bobby, if you recall, is battling a fatal brain tumor. He is very confused anymore and getting harder for her to manage. I finally followed them to the body shop on Monday and low and behold, the car was ready yesterday. They picked it up and it looked very good!

After that, I met Marilyn at the Presbyterian Church to help her get ready for the PINCH (People for Institutional and Community Harmony) meeting.  As a part of the meeting, they elected me chairperson for the next year.  One of the things I want to accomplish this year is to talk to the police chief about the son of one of our members.  The police stopped him last fall for speeding and gave him a ticket. He WAS speeding. Then they decided to search his car for drugs. (They claimed they could smell drugs). They brought in a police dog and they searched and searched the car but could find nothing. In the process, the dog scratched up the paint on the car. His father talked to the police chief about it and the chief apologized for that. But now, the young man sees the police following his car around town and feels harassed.

I don't think that is appropriate behavior for the police...especially in this volatile time in our history.  They have no reason to suspect he is doing anything unlawful outside of speeding that time.
I will write to the chief as chairperson of PINCH when I gather all the facts in the case. (the young man's mother is to get an estimate to repair the paint and I am waiting for that). I will suggest we meet and discuss the situation.  PINCH has been an advocate for the community's minorities.

While I was gone, Bob came over to read the papers and wait for me to get home. Unfortunately it was 7:00 when I finally got home and Bob had just left. I stayed to help Marilyn clean up after the meeting.

I watched TV until 9:00 and then Missy and  I went to bed.  

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