Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday and Hair Appointment

I am so glad to have my hair appointment today in Independence. Between the wind and the heavy growth of my hair, it is a mess. I will let Bob off at his sister, Betty's, home for a visit and then go on to the hair appointment.

After that, and after I pick Bob up, I will stop at the Merle Norman studio and get some make up base. Then on to their Walmart to return a single serving Keurig cup. It didn't work in my 2.0 Keurig although it said it would.

I need to run out to John and Leslie's home to take my great-granddaughter's birthday gift out to her.  She turns 4 today and is in pre-school. Leslie can take it to her.

Then I will go to wash my car and vacuum it out. After that, we will go to Big Cheese for our lunch. We get their mini pizza and a root beer every other week.  On the alternate weeks, we go to Great China for Chinese.

Then I will come on back home and drop Bob off at his apartment.

I will need to finish my dusting this afternoon. I still have the dining room and bedroom to do.

More later....

I got nearly everything done I had hoped to do today. I got my hair taken care of, Bob had his visit with his 91 year old sister, I took Cheyenne's gift out to Leslie's and bought my makeup. We even ate at Big Cheese. I did not get my dusting done this afternoon and I did not get the one cup of coffee Keurig container  returned to Walmart. I forgot the receipt.  I will take it out there tomorrow.

I learned today that John Whitmer Historical association's Spring meeting is the Friday before our World Conference on June 3rd. I registered to attend and then e-mailed Leslie about it. Big Mistake! She has her Relay for Life that Friday evening and so she can't go to Conference until Saturday morning.   I e-mailed Cheryle to see if she can refund my registration and she can. She will do that tomorrow. I hate missing the meeting but it can't be helped. I should have checked with Leslie first. She is driving.

More later...

I had an e-mail from Cheryle again and she will refund my registration on Wednesday.

I was invited to Church Historian, Mark Scherer's book party on Wednesday evening. It was a personal invitation. He and I have been friends for years.  I asked if Leslie could come too and he extended the invitation to her too. This is a private party and I feel honored to be included. He will personally sign the third volume of his new church history which I will buy at Conference.

Bob came over around 5:00 this evening and stayed until almost 7:00. When he left I took my bath and watched a program on PBS about the Black Panthers. Our government really went over the line with them. This was during a very difficult time during the Vietnam war. The main culprits were Nixon and the head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. They were both a couple of crooks that undermined our Democracy.

I went to bed at 10:00.

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