Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Exercise and House Cleaning

I slept really well last night with only one problem. My allergies are going wild and my nose stops up from sinus drainage. I blow and blow every time I wake up. It never clears for long though.

I've got my roast and an onion in the slow cooker. Later I will add potatoes and carrots. Bob is bringing coleslaw. We will have pudding and cookies for dessert. The table is already set.

I will try to go to exercise class again today. I want to clean the kitchen and bathroom floors before I leave and all I'll have to do is vacuum and dust. I checked my filter in the furnace last night and it needs to be changed again. I changed it only a couple of months ago but have noticed an inordinate amount of dust on the furniture. An electric furnace is usually a lot cleaner. Sure enough..the filter needs to be changed again. I will need to go to Ace Hardware when it's open and buy one or two. My filter is an odd size and it can't be found just anywhere. I try to keep one ahead.

More later....

I got the new filter in and that should help. I bought two since they are a hard size to find.

I also went to exercise class. Afterward I came home and put the potatoes and carrots in the slow cooker and continued to cook the roast.  It was very good  and I sent the remainder home with Bob for his supper.

Then I read all afternoon and finished my "Lincoln Street" book. It was pretty good.

I also got the living room dusted.  I cleaned up the pots and pans I had left in the sink and put them away.

More even later...

Bob came over to watch  the news and he went home after that...about 7:00. I took my bath and Missy and I sat in the recliner and watched TV until 9:00. I took a Benedril for my terrible allergies and draining sinus' and hope to sleep better. 

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