Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday and Exercise Class and Cinnamon Rolls

I have exercise class this morning and afterward this is the week they make cinnamon rolls at Utopia. The group goes there after exercise class and has coffee and cinnamon rolls.

I am doing some laundry this morning. I do laundry twice a week usually on Monday and Thursday but yesterday was busy so I am doing it this morning instead.

I talked to my daughter yesterday morning and she told me they have bought a new travel trailer. They have looked for one for several years and finally bought a new one. My son-in-law loves to fish and he will love using this new trailer.  He wants to take it to Alaska and fish there. He usually goes to Roaring River  in Missouri. Years ago, my grandson worked as a marine biologist in Alaska and he gave his dad a fishing trip to Alaska, complete with guide, for a birthday gift. He had a wonderful time and now he wants to go back with his travel trailer.  That will be a wonderful experience for him!

We will have tuna cakes with fried potatoes, a veggie and a salad for lunch/dinner today. I have mixed fruit for dessert.  

This afternoon I will bake cookies again.  We ate the last of them yesterday evening.

I got my sermon mostly done yesterday. I will work out the kinks later this weekend.

More later...

After dinner I raked and bagged leaves for awhile. When I came back in I noticed my son had posted a photo of his home's garage door so I am putting it here. Different, isn't it?
 Now I am going over to Karan's to Bobby sit while Karan gets away to have her hair done.  Bobby is a lot worse this week.  He is now in a hospital bed. He no longer knows any of us.

More later.....

I stayed with Bobby about an hour while Karan got away and got her hair done. Bobby is quite a bit worse. He tried to get out of bed and make it to the bathroom and fell in the hall going into the dining room. He is so disoriented.  I got him up by grasping him from behind under his arms and pulling him to his feet and we walked that way back to the hospital bed. He is so dizzy he cannot walk anymore.

I came on back home after that and Bob came over and stayed until 7:00. When he went home I took my bath and Missy and I sat in the recliner until 8:30 or so and then we went to bed. 

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Sister--Three said...

Poor Bob and Karan! Surely his life suffering will be over soon.
Love the garage door!