Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday and Presiding

I slept well again last night and got up about 5:15. I've dressed and eaten my breakfast and read the paper and done the crossword puzzle. Now I need to get today's blog going and then check my notes for the service this morning. Karan does not need any more responsibility then she already has..taking care of Bobby. I took her presiding responsibility today and her sermon in March. No telling how long Bobby with last.

We won't have many in church today since John and Sue and Johnna are in Pittsburg, Kansas, celebrating a grandchild's birthday.  Bill texted me yesterday that he has to work all day today.  That's at least four out of a small congregation.  I doubt that Karan and Bobby will be there either so that's six. And, oh yes, Phyllis F. went to Overland Park to see her daughter and grandchildren. Numbers are not all that important, I know.

We will eat out somewhere after church. It will probably be Sirloin Stockade this week. We ate at El Pueblo last Sunday.

When I get home I will get my newsletters out and then later watch 60 Minutes and then the Academy Awards.  It will be another busy Sunday.

More later...

Bob and I were going to go to Cherryvale to "Just Us"  for lunch. We got nearly to Independence when Bob's car developed a strange motor noise. We headed to Quality Toyota  to leave it for a "look see" on Monday. We stopped on the way at Eggberts so we could have dinner. We called Leslie, my daughter, to see if she could pick us up and take us back to Coffeyville.  We had dinner and then went on out to Quality Toyota. We left instructions for the shop in a large envelope provided there for after hours  problems and dropped the key in the envelope too.Then Leslie arrived to take us back to Coffeyville.  Bob will call them after 8:00 AM tomorrow to see what they found was wrong.

In the meantime, I got my newsletters finished and out on the mailbox for the mailman to pick up this afternoon.  Bob walked over  at 5:00 to read Sunday's newspaper and watch 60 Minutes with me. It was just reruns but we watched them. Then they had a special....another bunch of reruns. I took Bob home and then came back home to watch the Oscars. I stayed up until 11:00 to see who all won.  Chris Rock was the emcee. It was an interesting show...for a change.  I do not like Neal Patrick and would not have watched them if he had been the emcee.

At 11:00, Missy and I went to bed.

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