Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday and Ministerial Alliance

This morning I need to work on my sermon for Sunday after next. I don't want to wait until the last minute to get that done.

I did not sleep well last night. I worried about all the documents I lost when the desktop computer crashed. I thought I had backed everything up but I'm not sure I did. I did a complete file backup.

Finally I got up about 2:30 and checked the laptop for some of the more important information. It was there. I am so glad. I had worked up a brochure for the PINCH organization and I had worried I had lost it. It was saved on the laptop though.  I sent it to the small laptop and printed off a copy.  I will need to buy another color print cartridge now. I notice the one I'm using is thinning out.

I brought the larger laptop into the den and set it up with the printer in there but I could not get the printer installed on it. It kept saying it was not on the server. Strange....the laptop was on the internet and so was the old 2007 computer and it has an older printer. I e-mailed everything I wanted to  print off to that old printer.  Maybe Keith will get back to me later today or tomorrow and help me get it set up. We have the TeamViewer program on the laptop so he can take it over from Phoenix.

I will attend the Ministerial Alliance noon meeting at noon today. Bob has some leftovers that I sent home with him on Monday. He will eat those.

This afternoon, I will work on that sermon. 

This evening...around 4:30...we will go to Independence to pick up his car at Quality Toyota. They should have his new alternator installed by then.  He is to pick up his car around 4:30.

More later....

I got the sermon roughed out and about 4:00, Bob and I went up to Independence to get his car. Besides the alternator, he also had to have a new battery. That was $125 more. It was a shock but the car is a 2007 Toyota so when you drive an older car, you have to expect upkeep. My car is a 2008 Honda. I wonder when the other shoe will drop with it.

I came on home and he followed me later and came over to watch the news with me here at 5:00.
When he left at 7:00, I took my bath and Missy and I tried to watch TV for awhile but I ended up going to bed at shortly after 8:00.

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