Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday and then Exercises and Lenten Luncheons

Today will be another big day. I will pick up Bob at 8:40 and we will go to exercises. Afterward we will go to the First Baptist Church for the Lenten Luncheon and after that I will have Bob take me over to the senior center for games.  He can keep my car and run his errands. He can pick me up after game day. We will play Bunco today.

I slept well last night again. I got up about 4:45.

Yesterday was Super Tuesday in many states yesterday. My state isn't one of them. I will go to Independence Saturday to attend a caucus for Kansas. I am a registered Republican but there is no way I would vote Republican this year. ...especially for that Trump or even the second place runner up.

I will vote Republican in the primary... for Rubio if he's still in the race and then in November, I will vote for Hillary.  If Rubio drops out before Saturday, I will not even attend on Saturday.

It's unbelievable that so many Americans have voted with their emotions and not their brains. They don't seem to realize that Trump would be a complete disaster for the nation.

More later....

I worked two hours trying to get the desktop computer up this morning after I rebooted. It would not come up to the area where I put in my password.  It tried over and over again to come up but to no avail.  I even ran scan disk to repair the hard drive but even that didn't do it. Luckily I have my two laptops and they are still able to get online. So I am not stuck without a computer. Bob is here and he is paying his bills online.  Computers! Bah Humbug!

More later...

Bob and I went to the Lenten Luncheon at the Baptist Church and had cornbread and beans. They were good and the speaker who gave her testimony, was also good.  I let Bob keep my car so he could go to the market at Walmart. He picked me up at 3:00.

I am back to using my two laptops for awhile. That will work. I can send the data I want to the small 2007 laptop in the den that has an old printer connected to it and can print from there.

I went to game day at the senior center and won $5.00 for the most Buncos. Then when I got home I noticed I had sold another book on Amazon. I rushed to the post office after printing off a packing slip  to put in the book and bought a book bag there. With the postage plus the book bag, I spent that $5.00. It's good that I won that $5.00. 

I came home after that and read the paper. Bob walked over to watch the news and read the papers. After that, at 7:00, I took him home.

Then Missy and I watched TV until 9:00 when we went to bed.


ChuckFu said...

Mom I will check into have UPS perform a pickup, we got the shipping and they can ship it to me I will update all drivers and try to get your data, then install windows 10

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you son. I wil keep my eyes open for a box to hold it. I think I have saved some bubbles to pack around it. I'll get back to you about that. Thank you so much, son!