Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday and Exercises Again

Bob has a doctor's appointment this morning early so he will not be at exercise class. I think I will go on. It may be cinnamon roll day at Utopia too. Yum!

We will have tuna cakes and friend potatoes for lunch today. Bob will bring salad and we will also have a veggie. I have one pudding left but I believe I also have fruit in the cabinet.

Marilyn R. dropped over last evening and brought me some of her wonderful fudge. I had one piece. She is so thoughtful!  She wouldn't come in. I had just walked in from the Joplin trip.

My eldest son, Keith, called me last night to ask my what kind of cancer his dad died of. He is going to be checked over by a dermatologist today and the doctor wanted to know.  I sent him the paperwork that Melissa had sent the Army to keep Scott from being deployed again to Iraq. It had the original doctor's diagnosis attached. The Red Cross had Scott sent home to help me with my Bob. I am kind of concerned that Keith has some suspicious stuff for the doctor to check. Bob died of squamous cell carcinoma that had spread to his lung. I asked Keith to keep me in the loop when he learns what the verdict is.

More later...

I took Missy out after I ate my breakfast but it was chilly out there so I brought her right back in. It's only 7:00.  She was not a happy kitty! She hissed and spit at me. Funny cat!

We are supposed to have rain again today and tonight.  Some may be severe.

More later...

We had a nice lunch and afterward Bob fired up his computer. It was very slow and needed to have the utility run to make it faster. I ran Glary Utilities while he looked at his bank account on my laptop.When I finished, it was much faster.  He went home after awhile to see what sort of mail he got and I took Missy out for a while. I was going to read my Kindle but it needed to be charged. So I have it in the kitchen being charged. Bob went home to take his nap. I may run up to Independence to look over Goody's. I really shouldn't spend any more money until my money comes in though.

More later..

This is the latest photo from Scott.

Should be pretty....concrete with inserts of chocolate colored brick.

More later...Right now we are under a severe thunderstorm warning for another thirty minutes. I think it went north of us. Northern Montgomery County would be Independence, 20 miles north of us.

Bob will not be here this evening. He will go to the Baptist Church to set up tables and chairs for the Lion's Club pancake breakfast tomorrow morning.

Well, he fell asleep and forgot that he was to help put up the tables and chairs.  So he came over to read the newspaper and stayed for Brooks and Shields on PBS.

More later...

I tried to watch the program about the National Parks and almost finished it. Finally though about 9:20, I just had to go to bed.

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