Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday and a Trip to Joplin

I slept well again last night. I did get up before 5:00 but I want to vacuum my bedroom today so that's alright. I will need to wait awhile to do that. I'm ready for my day.

We plan to go to Joplin today and eat at Olive Garden. Afterward we will go to Christopher and Banks and check out their sale. I don't need a thing myself so may not buy anything unless they have some cute earrings. We are taking Karan with us. She wants to do some shopping at Christopher and Banks. She has gained back some of the weight she had lost while taking care of Bobby before he died. She may need clothes.  We are not leaving until 10:00. Bob has gone this morning to his Lion's Club meeting.  He just texted me that he had not forgotten.

Missy is wanting to go outside. She has really loved being out now that spring has come.

We had some 70 mile per hour winds night before last and there is quite a bit of damage around town. This will be a day of cleaning up for many people. Many lost roofs and trees fell and hit roofs and cars. We escaped the worst of it here in this part of town.

More later... I'd better try to take Missy out before she throws a fit!

Well we went out a couple of times but it's chilly out there and she didn't want to stay out.  So we came back in. Bob dropped by after his Lion's Club meeting and visited awhile. He will be back shortly before 10:00 to pick me up for our trip. So, more later...after we return.

The latest photos of my son and daughter-in-law's new home.

Lookin' good! Here's another!

Again...coming right along!

We picked up Karan and left for Joplin at 10:00. We ate at Olive Garden at 11:00. Afterward we went to the mall and shopped at Christopher and Banks.  Karan bought three things and I bought a top that would go with my green jeans.

Then we headed for home and got here about 4:30. Bob was very tired and did not come in.  He will not come back this evening. He has a doctor's appointment in the morning and will not be at exercise class.

More later...Here are some more photos:

Ceilings. Nice, huh?

This will be the drive when they get it finished.

I sat in the recliner with Missy until nearly 9:00 and then we just turned the TV off and went to bed. It has been a big day.

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