Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday and Back Home

The retreat broke up about 9:30 this morning following the communion service. I had a great time but ate way too much food. I haven't stepped on the scales yet but it wouldn't  surprise me to find I had gained five pounds.

I helped put away the tables and chairs  before I left and said goodbye to everyone. I had loaded up my car early because it looked like rain.  It never did rain though. It all blew over. There was lots of wind however.

I made it back in time to make it to our worship service at church. There were 13 there if  Bob got a correct count. Eight of us ate at El Publeto afterward.  Two of those were my little great granddaughters.

Let's see, there was Leslie, who brought the message, Melissa, who presided, Phyllis who played the piano, Bob, Karan, (the woman who lost Bobby last week), me, John and Sue, Kelly, John B., Maia, and Cheyenne, and  Leeann. That's the 13.

I cleaned up Missy's litter box after dinner. It need to be washed out and new litter put in it. When I got home, she was in the den up under the daybed cover....very unhappy! She does not like to be left alone for two and a half days and nights. 

Bob will be over later to watch 60 Minutes.  I am going to be pretty tired...that's for sure.

More later...

Well, I cleaned out the flowerbed...again.... and swept off the carport...again. I am doing a large load of laundry including Missy's rug that goes under her litter box. I cleaned out the litter and washed the box and put clean litter in it for the next month or so.

She is lying here behind me on the daybed resting.

I a little while I will download the photos I took over at the Women's Retreat. Right now I have to check the dryer.

More later...

This is the director, Shirley Ann.

This is the lodge where we held the retreat.
This is Founders Hall. We slept in the basement dorm. It was neat!

The woman in the dark clothing was our guest speaker from Independence, Missouri. The other woman was a participant. She is a school teacher.  There were 35 of us there. It was a neat retreat! I have other photos but I won't share them here.

This evening, we had a large storm move in and we were under tornado warnings all evening. I went on to bed at my regular time. I was exhausted! We had a little hail but it was just marble sized.

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