Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday and My Coffeecake and Sermon

I slept well again last night but got up a little earlier then usual.  I will start early this morning. I won't take Missy out until I get the coffee cake in the oven. Then I will need to go over the sermon.

I hope we will be able to go to "Just Us" for lunch again.  We get such a nice home cooked meal there and with a homey atmosphere.  I always call Kay when we are ready to leave Coffeyville to be sure she will reserve a table for the four of us.

Bill e-mailed me last night that he has to work all day today so he will not be at church. We are never sure how many we will have. Some just come from time to time and others can be depended on to be there nearly every week.

More later....It's time to start the coffeecake......

Missy and I have both had our breakfasts and the coffeecake is finished and cooling so I can put an icing on it. I have read the paper and done the crossword puzzle.

Missy is being very good. I brought her white mat out and she is resting on it now. A couple of times, she has tried to wander off but she appears to know if she stays close to me out here on the carport, she can stay out longer. She has been very good lately. If she wanders, I just approach her and clap my hands and she comes right back near me.  That makes it much easier for me to take her out in the mornings.  Day before yesterday I brought her out at 6:00 and she got to stay out until 10:45 before we had to come back in for me to fix lunch. I will need to go in pretty soon and ice that coffeecake but there's no rush.  It can wait. It's only shortly past 7:00 now and we've been out since 6:00.  She loves it out here. There's a light breeze and it's a nice time to be outside....for both of us.

Finally when it was nearly 9:00, I brought Missy in and went to get Bob for church.  After church, we went to "Just Us" in Cherryvale and took Karan and Phyllis with us. 

This is a scene near my son and daughter-in-law's new  home.

I spent the afternoon putting together the Congregational Newsletter. Then I organized some of my files so they would be easier to find.

Later Bob came over for wine and to watch the news and 60 Minutes. 60 Minutes was all reruns. So I turned it off and took my bath and went back to organizing my files.

I will meet Myra tomorrow in Bartlesville for lunch. Bob will be on his own for lunch. I'll get back home sometime after lunch.

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