Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday and Still Sick

It was another rough night. I am still running a temp.  I coughed a lot toward morning. Now I am also blowing. I did take an aspirin for that 100 degree temp and even finally got dressed. Missy needed to go outside and eat some grass and it's only in the 70's this morning. Later on today it will be in the 90s and she will not be able to go out.  Just now she is lying in the grass loving being outside while it's not so hot.

Bob is going to preside for me this morning at church. We went out to church yesterday evening and ran off the bulletins.

I had to cancel the Living the Questions group for tonight. If no one else wants to take it, we will have it next Sunday when I should be well.

I'll have to see how I feel about exercise class tomorrow. Unless I get a lot better pretty quick, that will be something else I will miss.  Hopefully, I will feel up to baking my cake for Tuesday's dinner at the Christian church in Independence. My hair appointment is Tuesday too and, boy, does it need help. I had intended to have it done in Independence, Missouri, on Thursday but was too sick to deal with it then.

I'll say one thing more about the Conference. In the 50 years I have attended World Conference of my church, this was one of the best. There was not a lot of animosity expressed on the issues and we even reached Common Consent on the issue of tithing! That's phenomenal!   We will begin tithing 10% of our incomes. I had already started doing that a couple of months ago. I wanted to see if it would cause me to run short each month. It did not. The boys have supplemented my income and that has been so much help for me.

More later....

I finally dressed mid morning and took Missy out on the carport while it was still  cooler. Toward noon Bob came by to see if I wanted to go to dinner with the group from church.  I decided to go since it appears my fever was gone. I still have some coughing but I believe I am better now.

John and Leslie sent me some peaches and I got them pealed and cut up and in the frig in a  Tupperware container.

This is the inside of our Auditorium where the Conference was held. Notice the dome. 



Sister--Three said...

Wow, that place is huge! Hope you will be well soon!

Margie's Musings said...

Me, too, Sister-Three. I am "sick" of being sick.