Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday and A Trip To Bartlesville

Today Bob and I will go to Bartlesville. We have a twofold reason. First, I want to find out why I had no air conditioning in my car earlier in the afternoon yesterday and yet two hours later, it was back.  I certainly don't want no air conditioning when the weather is 97+ degrees. I have to be able to depend on that...especially in the summer months.

Yesterday afternoon after lunch I stopped by the Urgent Care again because I had developed an itchy rash....probably from the antibiotic. It came on right after I started the antibiotic. The doctor said since I was so much better, I should just stop taking the antibiotic. She suggested the itch could be controlled by a mixture of baking soda and baking powder and a little water to make a paste and spread it on the rash. I will just deal with it until it clears up. I don't want to deal with something that could be messy and stain my clothing.   

After I stop at the Honda agency and have that checked out,  we will go out to Lowe's and buy a couple of new door mats for the church.

Then we will possibly walk the mall. Bob really needs to get the exercise. He doesn't have any energy at all anymore. Then we will go to lunch and after that, come back home and I will drop him off at his apartment. By then, it will be much too hot to let Missy out. I took her out at 6:00 this morning and she really enjoyed being outside for an hour and a half. She behaved beautifully and minded me when I had to come in. It rained last night although I didn't know it. I slept pretty well until the cough syrup wore off and the cough returned. But I feel good again today so I can deal with the occasional cough.

I lost five pounds the hard way.

More later...and I'll bring the blog up to date with their findings when I return....

They decided the relay switch was sticking.  That would explain why it would not work some of the time and would work part of the time. So they replaced the relay switch. That was a little over $90.  Now I hope that fixes it.

Bob and I stopped at Lucy's in Caney and had lunch he had red spaghetti and I had fish. Both were very good.  I brought home part of my fish and will eat it later...

Scott called later this afternoon. I had not talked to him in probably about three weeks. We had a good visit until we ran onto a dead spot and lost one another. He called me back and we finished our conversation.

More even later...

I ate the rest of my fish at suppertime. It didn't agree with me so I took some tums. That seemed to help. I have learned not to eat much in the evening anymore. Sometimes  heavy food of any kind in the evening will give me heartburn. I usually just have yogurt for supper. I went to bed at 8:00..just awfully tired.

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