Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday and Almost Well

I slept fairly well last night. I did wake up once with a coughing spell.  But when I finally got up, I felt better. In fact, I am doing my Monday cleaning today. When I am finally really well, I will wash my bedding and vacuum the bedroom. I cleaned the kitchen and bath today and vacuumed the dining room, hall and den. Next, I will vacuum the living room. Right now I am taking a rest from the cleaning and working on this blog.

I decided to transfer back into my savings account the $200. I borrowed from it last month. If I leave it in my checking account, I may end up spending it.

I am having that sirloin pork roast Karan gave me for lunch today. I told Bob and he is going to bring his salad. We will have a veggie and a couple of potatoes with it. I also have the peaches Leslie and John sent home with Bob. I had peeled them and cut them into small pieces. He had a small bowl of them a couple of nights ago. I ate one the day I fixed them.

Last evening, Marilyn brought me a bar b q sandwich from the place on eleventh street. I seldom eat there because I prefer Dink's Bar B Q in Bartlesville.  That was so nice of Marilyn and she also sent me a couple of small pieces of cheesecake. Bob and I split the food.  It was very good. I sent her a "thank you" note today. Marilyn is a real sweetheart. Earlier, about lunchtime, she had been to the Country Mart deli and brought me a lovely salad. I had half of it for lunch and the other half at suppertime.

I stopped at the car wash and washed my filthy car. It had sat under the carport for a week and when the mower mows, it gets dust all over it.

More later....

It looks like Ginger's cat and dog are great buddies!

 My Missy and Slinky finally accomplished this too.

After our lunch, I attended the Bunco game at Asbury Village, a lovely retirement home here in Coffeyville.  On the way out there my car struggled to cool. It was 97 degrees outside. After the games, it would not cool at all. I drove all the way back to town in 97 degree weather without any air conditioning.  I went by Gary's Automotive to see if Gary could check it out but he had given up and locked up for the day. When I tried to call, I got his answering machine. I called Honda of Bartlesville to get an appointment to have the problem checked out. I have a Thursday 9:00 appointment now.  Then I went on to my PINCH meeting.  I left my windows down  at the Episcopal church so the car would not just be steaming. After my meeting, I tried it on the way home and Eureka! worked. I just couldn't believe it! I still have to get it checked out to see what was wrong.  I don't want that to happen again when we have this steaming summer here in southeast Kansas.

Bob is going with me to Bartlesville tomorrow and we will go to Lowe's and buy the two new mats for the church's front and back doors. We will have lunch down there.

He came over briefly to have me fix his phone. It would not ring at all. and the he read the paper and then went home early. It was just too hot to be out running around.

I took my bath and went to bed at 9:00. The apartment was cool at least.

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