Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thuesday and Potatoes and Green Beans Dinner

I have the potatoes and green beans in the slow cooker cooking for lunch. I don't have another plan for today. I slept fairly well last night but the cough is back. It's intermittent though.

I came out early on the carport and it wasn't quite light yet. Missy wanted out so badly. But she was a pest! Every chance she got she wandered off and I would have to go fetch her. Finally I just put her back in the house. She jumped on the door wanting back out and when I finally let her back out she laid in the grass and seemed to be behaving this time. We will see.

I like to sit out here in the early morning when it's breezy like this morning.

Tomorrow I will go with Leslie to Owasso to celebrate her birthday. We will eat at Olive Garden and do some shopping afterward. I doubt I will buy anything but I like to look anyhow. It's supposed to rain...wouldn't you know!   I bought two new Ts and a pair of crops last Monday when I went to Bartlesville with Myra. I am so tired of some of my old clothes. I am going to have to work up a box to take to the Presbyterian church.  My free shoes came on Monday too. I had a credit at Amazon because of the settlement of the lawsuit Amazon brought against Apple for price fixing the Kindle books price. I had $58.00 credit there and I ordered a pair of white thongs. My white shoes are a disgrace. I should throw them away.

More later....

Our lunch turned out fine. After Bob left, I bagged up some of my older summer clothes and took them to the Presbyterian Church for their sale to low income folks.

Then I stopped by the Country Time Antique Mall and browsed. I didn't find anything I wanted. They have begun letting folks bring rummage in there and that has spoiled it for me. I like browsing through the "junk". Some people's "junk" is a treasure to me.

After I got back, I bit the bullet and peeled and sliced the peaches John and Leslie gave me a couple of weeks ago, That is so labor intensive and my right hand is in terrible shape after that year at the library and all that scanning. It hurts most of the time. It doesn't seem any worse then usual though.

More even later...

When Bob came over to get his food for tomorrow and the shirt that he accidentally left when he did his laundry and also to watch the news, we had some of those peaches. They were really good!

There was absolutely nothing on TV. I took my bath and tried to find something...anything... to watch on TV and finally just gave up and worked the crossword puzzle.

At 9:00, I just went to bed.

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