Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday and Cake Day

This morning I am out on the carport with Missy again. She is in seventh heaven. She loves to be outside. She's been lying in the grass and eating some grass too. The grass has begun to grow tall again and she can find some to eat. I bring my coffee and Chai out here and drink it. She has been real good this morning about staying around. Of course, we've only been out here thirty minutes. The morning is young. :) She has moved onto her white mat now..here at my feet.

I have watered my flowers and the tomato plant. I got another small tomato off it again this morning.  For some reason Bob doesn't want them for his salads. I will end up eating them myself, I guess.

I bought a new pair of crops and a couple of tops yesterday at Christopher and Banks on their 50% off sale. I just wanted something different to wear, I guess. I have a closet full of winter things and the den closet is full of summer things. I really need to go through the closets and fix a box for rummage. I usually just take them to the Presbyterian church for their sale. Some of these things are too large and some are just too old. The crops I had on yesterday, for example, were bought long before my Bob died. He died in 2010 and had been retired from FEMA for a few years and I bought those crops while he was on a disaster for FEMA so they are at least 10-11 years old.  I will put them in the box. I also have some older tops I no longer like. Some are too large and just hang on me. Sometime this week I will try to get that done. Their sale day is Thursday. Maybe I can get it done before that.

My Blue Cross/Blue Shield came out  of the bank today. I may have to transfer some money from my savings to pay my rent since my social security doesn't come in until the 13th. The rent is due the 1st.  I got my electric bill yesterday too and it is over $70.00.  It isn't due until the 14th though so I should be covered for it.

More later...I am just rambling on.

We took the cakes to Independence this morning and then I got my hair done...thank goodness! After that, we ate at Big Cheese and then came on home.

I talked to my daughter about their plans for the 4th of July and so far, they have none.

When I got home, she called me and asked me to go with her to Owasso for lunch and shopping on Friday...that's her birthday. I told her I would love to do that.

This afternoon, I baked cookies. I've been out for a couple of weeks but just hadn't felt up to baking cookies.

Tomorrow, I have to tun over to Caney and pick up my new contacts. I meant to get them this afternoon but they close at 1:00 on Tuesdays. They are open all day tomorrow so I will go in the morning.

Amazingly, Steve, the new mower, came this afternoon to mow. It looks very nice. Betty may not be happy. She only let her nephew mow every other week and they other weeks the grass looked terrible. It was just mowed a week ago yesterday.  It really needed it but she will not be happy. She says those who want it mowed weekly are "spoiled",

More even later...


Sister--Three said...

This month my ss does not come til the 20th. Long wait for a little check.
My teacher retirement comes end of month. I think the 27 in July. I am
Proud to have my retirement check....but 40 years with kids--and on the last most
Were pretty much spoiled brats--makes me think I earned that check!!

Margie's Musings said...

You bet! This past generation of kids have had little or no training at home. I have several teacher friends who feel just like you do, Sister-Three.

My kids were trained to work. Even if they had jobs, they still had chores at home to do. I had a chart on the frig door and I was on that chart too. We all took turns with all the house chores and mowing. If a kid didn't want to mow, say, they had to either trade with a sibling or pay another sibling to do their chore. They all three had jobs as teens too. That training has really paid off. My kids are all just jewels now.

I paid them for their grades too....for added incentive. $5 for A's $3 for B's $1 for C's and nothing for anything lower. One time I had to pay my daughter $25. I was proud to do that.

Sister--Three said...

Astrid, Ingrid and sigrid have chores listed on fridge.
It is written in eraser marker. They have to put a
X mark when it is done. They do not get their allowance.if
X's aren't by the chores. Siggie is a horder. She hides.
Can't throw away. Laura sits in chair in her room and
Sigrid has to get rid of stuff. She says it is hard.
She gets the keeping from me!!

I am so proud of the girl's good manners. Clayton and
Greta do well too!

Margie's Musings said...

You have done a good job with them. That's for sure!