Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday and A Trip to Caney

My new contacts are in over at Dr. Burch's office and this morning I need to go pick them up.  I've already paid for them. (One reason I'm short this month). :)

I did not sleep well last night at all. I did not take my cough medicine and that's probably why. But I didn't cough either. In fact, I haven't coughed since I've been up at all. I wonder if that cough syrup with the codeine was making me cough so much?   Time will tell.

I heard  from my younger son this morning. He is very busy. In fact, I haven't heard much from either son lately. They must be very busy. I know Scott is because they have just moved. I got up and dressed and after I fed both Missy and myself, we went out on the carport...about 6:30. She was very patient this morning. I guess she got into too much trouble Monday.

I had some of my honey/vanilla Greek Yogurt for breakfast. I put some granola on it to give it some substance. It makes a good change from oatmeal for breakfast. That and some cranberry juice and some coffee are all I ever want. Of course, on Saturdays I go with Bob to Sirloin Stockade and have an omelet with bacon and a biscuit.

I heard from the landlady last evening. She fired her manager. The manager was doing nothing to "manage" the apartments and Betty, the landlady, was doing everything and Martha, the manager, was just collecting $900 a month for doing absolutely nothing.  Also, last evening, just a week and a day after the last mowing, the new mower, Steve, came and mowed....and trimmed.  Betty may have a fit when he bills her.  She says that when I expect it to be mowed weekly, I'm just spoiled. When I had my own home, I sometimes mowed twice a week. It really needs to be mowed weekly. By two weeks, the yard just looks terrible.

Leslie called last night. She wants us to go down to Owasso and have lunch and shop for her birthday.  I was delighted! We seldom get to do anything together anymore. Between her job and me fixing lunch in the middle of the day, it pretty much ties us down. But last night I told Bob he was going to be on his own for lunch on Friday...unless he wants to take some leftover tuna noodle casserole home from lunch today.  That casserole has peas in it too. He has some coleslaw to go with it. He may choose to do that.

Marilyn R. just came in. She has been taking care of a sick friend this week. She now has her home from the hospital and set up at home with oxygen, etc. Marilyn stayed with her last night too and didn't sleep much!  She has a heart of gold! She tells me we will have special game day this afternoon at the senior center.  I will go play Skip Bo with them. I notified Karan and she will be there too.

More later....

I did play Skip Bo this afternoon and then went to the market! John and Leslie brought some new potatoes to church on Sunday and I will cook them tomorrow with some fresh green beans I bought at the market.  I will just fix some hamburger patties to have with them since the base for the potato and green bean is beef bullion.

Later, Bob came over and stayed until nearly 7:00 and read the newspaper and .watched the news. I took my bath after that and watched some PBS until bedtime.


marlu said...

Tuna noodle casserole with peas must be popular this week. That's what I made yesterday.

Margie's Musings said...

I'll be! Great minds, I guess!