Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday and Ministerial Alliance

Today I will go back to Independence, Kansas, to get my hair washed again. I will miss my appointment next week because of the World Conference so I will try to get it stretched until the following Tuesday this way. It will be a mess but I can do nothing at all with it myself. I tried last week and it looked terrible all week. For one thing, it needed to be cut and was all out of shape. Now it's been cut but it has to last over a week. Vanity, vanity, thy name is woman.

Missy has been very trying this morning. She cried to go out until I gave in and took her out. But I have been trying to train her to stay close to my apartment and not wander off where she could get into trouble with one of the neighborhood cats. Have you ever tried to train a cat? Finally after chasing after her twice and insisting she come back near my apartment, (she growled and hissed at me all the way), I let her go to the east side of the apartment while I watered my flowerbed and dead headed the spent blossoms. She sneaked away around the corner to the back and I took my shoes off (the grass was wet) and went after her. When I caught her and picked her up she was furious! If she could have reached me as I was carrying her, she would have bit me she was so angry. But I put her in the apartment and that's where she will stay now.

I will go to the alliance meeting at noon and Bob will be on his own for lunch. I am so tired of cooking. Bob brings his salad but that's about all he does. He fills our glasses with ice and tea but I do the cooking and then I do all the cleaning up.  I know it must be my age but I get very tired of all that. I know I need to continue though.  Anything not home cooked is either full of salt or full of sugar.  That's why the obesity problem in this country. And with that, many times, comes diabetes. Not many people get any exercise and everyone anymore seems to eat out.

Missy missed her litter box this morning and got urine on the little bathmat I keep it on, so early this morning, I started some laundry. I have the apartment clean and want it to stay that way as long as possible.  Bob will be coming over every day next week, while I'm gone to feed and water Missy and empty out her "stuff" from the litter box. I hope he does some watering of my flowers while I'm gone but that's probably too much to ask him to do.

I need to vacuum my bedroom today.

I heard from my son this morning that they won't be able to move this weekend after all. Evidently the electric company can't get the electricity turned on until next week. How disappointing! We have built four houses over the years and only once was the house finished on time.  It's something to do with contractors. They just can't seem to get everything coordinated.

More later.... I still don't have my bedroom vacuumed. Maybe I can get it done tomorrow. Right now I should take Missy out for awhile. She's been cooped up in the house ever since I picked her up and brought her back in this morning.

I took her out for awhile and she stayed right on the mat at the doorway out there.  I visited with Marilyn awhile and she never moved.  I came back in when the paper arrived and read it before Bob came to read it.

After he left, I searched in vain for something worth watching on TV and finally just gave up and got myself ready for bed.

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