Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday and Packing for My Trip

Sometime today, I must pack for my trip to Independence, Missouri.  I slept pretty well last night so hopefully I will be up to whatever occurs today. My right had has been very sore lately. It never has recovered from all that scanning of bar codes at the library. The thumb I used to hit the button on the scanner stays swollen and sore most of the time. My ankles are also swelling by evening. The foot I hurt in my fall three weeks ago still swells larger then the other. I will be doing a lot of walking next week so I will hope for the best. I'm not going to give up my activity over a few aches and pains.

I will go to exercise class this morning. Bob is picking me up. We take turns driving. I missed Wednesday. They had planned to do some more strenuous jumping exercises and I knew my feet would not be up to that. As it turned out, for some reason, they did not start that new exercise video.

Today is also cinnamon roll day at Utopia.  We may go. We are only having hamburgers and french fries for lunch so that will not be a big meal preparation day.

Leslie, my daughter, will pick me up at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning for our trip. That should not be a problem since I am almost always up at 5:00.

I intend to take my laptop computer with me and if Leslie's hot spot works for it, I will try to keep up on my blog.

Missy is patiently waiting for her breakfast so I will get back to this later in the day. More later...

I got Missy's breakfast and my own and even took her out for awhile. She was very good at staying around and came back in willingly when I was ready.

I did go to exercise class and afterward to Utopia for coffee and a cinnamon roll. Karan bought both Bob and my cinnamon roll. That was sweet of her. I just bought our coffee.

Now soon I will start lunch and then pack for my trip. I am doing the last load of laundry now and I will need those things for the week.

More even later...


Gert said...

Oh my goodness, you do seem to keep very busy and active! This is the best thing isn't it? I pray your foot doesn't cause much of a problem. My one leg and foot swell, mainly when the dew point and humidity are high..😁 (Don't ask me why that is? Lol) it can be miserable so please be careful! Enjoy your day!


Margie's Musings said...

Thanks,Gert. I appreciate your concern. I'll be careful!

Sister--Three said...

Have a great trip.