Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday and a Busy, Busy Day

This has been quite a day. I awoke fairly early and cleaned and vacuumed everything but my bedroom. I will do that tomorrow.

I also finished painting the step stool that goes in the kitchen. l put the second coat of brown on it.  I put the first coat on it yesterday.

I went to Medicine Shoppe and picked up the prescription I refilled and forgot to pick up yesterday.

I fixed Montreal Chicken for lunch along with boiled potatoes and gravy and frozen corn. Bob still had a salad in the frig. Then we had mixed fruit for dessert.

I made my lemon bars for Bunco day at the senior center.  When I got home I made cookies. So I really have been busy.

I printed off a list of everything I will need to pack for Saturday and all next week. I will pack Friday.  Leslie wants to leave at 7:00 AM Saturday morning. She has a meeting at 10:00 in Independence, Missouri.

Missy's favorite TV program is on this evening. It's "Nature" on PBS. She watches it intently.

Luckily, everything is caught up now.

The paper just came so I will stop and read it before Bob comes over to read it.

More later....

What a bummer! "Nature" is not on this evening, So I will read. I've had my bath and will go to bed at 9:00.

Here 's the finished house my son and daughter-in-law have built. They move in next week

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