Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Muggy Thursday

I slept pretty well last night. My cough is all but gone (unless it returns again). I got myself ready for the day, which was a real trial because trying to get the hearing aid seated was a challenge again. My canal is just too small for that little head end that goes in next to the eardrum. Anyhow, it's done for another day.  I hope it's seated correctly.

It's hot and muggy out here on the carport this morning. At 6:00 when I came out here it was 80 degrees.  There is a tiny breeze that saves the day.

I was watering awhile ago and Missy went around to the east side of the apartment. I let her alone for awhile but then she wandered down the way to Maureen's apartment and I had to go get her. She would not come back on her own so I had to pick her up and carry her back. She hissed and spit at me all the way. She hates to be picked up and carried.  Darn Cat!

The breeze is coming up a  little now and it is more comfortable.

We are having chicken strips this noon for lunch. I will peel some potatoes and have a veggie with them and maybe gravy. Bob will bring a salad.  I have some more fruit and cookies for dessert. I need to go over to Braums and get some milk this morning. Then we could have pudding instead of more fruit.

I also want to get the apartment vacuumed this morning after Jeannie has a chance to get up and around.  If I was here by myself, I would vacuum at 7:00 in the morning. It's probably just as well though. Missy loves it outside and she is just lying here on her white rug enjoying being outside. I will stay out until around 7:30 at least.

More later....

I'd better get busy with the vacuum.  So more even later...

By the way, this is what the pool at my daughter-in-law and son's new home is to look like.

 Neat, isn't it? Here's another view of it.

I got the apartment vacuumed and got lunch together. I read most of the afternoon until my eyes got tired.

Bob came over to read the paper and stayed until 7:00. After he went home Missy and I watched "All the President's Men" on TV. I had seen it several times but always enjoy watching it again after a long while.

I went to bed at 10:00 and slept well.

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