Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday and Church

This morning I will go to church..which is my usual Sunday activity. I preside this morning and also facilitate the Church School class.

I slept well last night. I got up fairly early this morning. I baked my coffeecake, took Missy out briefly (it's raining out there) and did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter.  I need to go ice the coffeecake soon. It's cooling now.

There will be even fewer of us this morning since it's raining. Some people just won't get out in the rain. Hopefully tomorrow it won't be raining. I'm invited to go out to John and Leslie's for the fireworks.  The little great grandchildren will love that and I'm glad they included me.

This evening I will go to Karan's for the Living the Questions group. She is hosting it this time. There are only three of us able to host now.  Joyce has her daughter and grandson baby living with her now and it's very inconvenient for her with the baby there in the small house.

That leaves me, Karan and Marilyn to host them. Bob and Gary both live in apartment houses.  Mona has her hands full with Richard and the farm. Perhaps when Howard and Judy move back they can take a turn. They will be moving back this fall. They decided California wasn't for them after all. They couldn't find anything they could afford there and so they bought another house here in Coffeyville and will be moving back.

I still hope Phyllis, Karan, Bob and I can go over to "Just Us" for lunch after church.  The rain won't deter me. I will just take some old shoes with me to church.  But the others may object if it's still raining when we get out.

Here are my flowerbeds and the tomato plant John and Leslie gave me.

Still more...the tomato plant has been loaded with little red tomatoes. I have picked them off here.

And more..
This last photo is my lavender. I planted it two years ago and it's lived through the winters and thrived.

More later....I'd better get the coffeecake iced.

Well the coffeecake is iced and ready to go. I have taken Missy out again now that the rain has stopped. She is delighted...obviously! We have about 35 minutes until Bob comes to pick me up for church.

The service went well.  Afterward seven of us went to "Just Us" in Cherryvale for lunch. We had a good time.

Cyndi wanted the last piece of my coffeecake and I sure didn't need it so I wrapped it up for her and Jeff to share. 

I did my newsletters when I got home and even though there is no mail delivery tomorrow, I put them in the mailbox at the post office downtown.

I will pick up Gary at 6:45 for our group meeting at Karan's this evening.  It's 3:45 now. Bob will probably come over to read the paper later.

More later...

Bob did come to read the paper and stayed until nearly all the 60 Minutes program was finished. I went to pick up Gary at 6:45 and went to the meeting.  Bob walked. He was caught in the rainstorm and Karan had to put his shirt in the dryer and give him one of her Bobby's to wear until it was dry.There were seven of us tonight. We had a good discussion. I got home at 9:00 or so. We will meet
 again in two weeks, on the 17th at Marilyn's at 7:00. 

This photo left to right is Ginger's daughter, Ginger, Scott and Scott's son,  Jerod.  

Quite a group, aren't they?


Sister--Three said...

Love your flowers. The first bed looks heart-shaped.

Margie's Musings said...

I think it's just the angle of the photo, Sister-Three. It's actually rectangular. But those flowers have gone crazy this year.