Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday and Thunder Storms

I slept pretty well last night. Thank goodness! I still have some cough from time to time. It may be allergies now. Who knows?? The doctors sure don't.

We are forecast for thunderstorms all morning so I will not get out to go to exercise class.  I need to clean the apartment anyhow.  Missy is itching to go out on the carport but it's not light yet and she definitely will not want to be out if it is storming. She has been begging me ever since 5:30. When and if it gets light, we will go out but I hear thunder now and wind so it may already be pouring. The apartment is so well insulated it is hard to hear a storm. But I imagine that's why at 6:15 it is still dark out.

I had a really hard time getting the hearing aid seated this morning. After many attempts, I finally did it though.  It is in correctly now. I have a free 30 day trial just to be sure the result is worth the cost. I will have to take it out when I have my hair done each Tuesday and it cannot get wet. I am to leave the battery door open when it is not in my ear. The batteries will only last 5 days at the most. Stan gave me four batteries to begin the trial.

Yes, I hear now. There is a thunderstorm going on out there. That kills Missy's chances to go outside this morning.  She will be so disappointed.

More later....

We went out for a few minutes but Missy was leery of the storm and wanted right back in.  So I came back in and started my cleaning. I have the kitchen and bathroom floors done now. Later I will vacuum and do some dusting. I hope the storm passes before 1:00 when Bunco at the senior center starts. I want to play this afternoon. 

I did go to exercise class. Bob came by and I went with him.  I will go to Bunco at 1:00. I had the leftover hamburger pie for lunch with one of Bob's salads. We had mixed fruit and cookies for dessert.

I went to Walmart and bought $41.00 worth of groceries. I was out of a lot of stuff.   I bought my lemon bar mix and got it in the over, baked and iced with powered sugar and in the frig before lunch. I will need to leave in about 15 minutes so I'd better get myself and Missy back in the house. Missy is the hard part.

More later....

It wasn't hard at all.Missy found it too hot out there and came right back in.  Bob came soon after and we had our leftover hamburger pie. I had some fruit and cookies for dessert. He paid his bills and then left and I went on to Bunco. I had a good time. There were twelve of us at first but Connie left after awhile and we had to play with a ghost.

I got home about 3:15 and cleaned up the kitchen. I guess I will vacuum tomorrow. At least I got the kitchen and bathroom cleaned up and the floors cleaned.

Now I am waiting for the newspapers.

More later...

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