Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday and Exercise Class

Missy is wanting to go out on the carport but it's still dark and I will make her wait until the morning begins.  I don't like her to go out in the dark. There's still that stray who is marked like her. He is younger and aggressive.  I don't want him over here and I always chase him off.

We've had our breakfast..Missy and me. I had one cup of coffee and I will have a cup of Chai in a little bit.

Bob will drive to exercise class this morning. There's a 65% chance of rain today too. We may miss it. We live in the lowest part of the state of Kansas and often the weather goes around us.

I vacuumed the apartment on Saturday and dusted the living room yesterday. I may do some more dusting later today. I want to dust my bedroom and the den.

We are having large hamburger patties fixed like swiss steak today. We will have boiled or baked potatoes with it and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad. I think I have some fruit. If not, I probably have some pudding for dessert. I am nearly out of cookies so later I may make up some peanut butter cookies.

More later...

Missy and I are out on the carport now. We came out a little before 6:15. It took awhile to get light because it's overcast. It's thundering now so we may get some rain.  Missy sure doesn't like it, She would like to go back in the apartment but I'd like to sit out until the rain begins anyway. We could use some rain!  There's a slight breeze now and that feels good.

More even later...

I went to exercise class and after I got home I fixed lunch. I invited Karan over too and we all three enjoyed it.  Both she and Bob have left now and I am going to post the latest photo my son has posted of the construction of the swimming pool. I really don't know what this photo is.


It looks like whatever it is is located right below their balcony back of their house. This is the front yard The other must be the back. It's looking even prettier now that the lawn is in.


I went over to Marilyn's after lunch and after Bob and Karan left and worked on her computer for an hour or so. She has a completely white background and no color in her e-mail at all. She had the background color removed because the type font was blue and she could not read it.

I am still trying to discover why she does not have a black font in her e-mail. It's completely bland and has no personality at all.  I have asked Keith how to fix that and hope he will be back to  me on it.

I will go watch the news in a little bit. It's 4.47 right now and the CBS news is on right after Dr. Phil. I do not like Dr. Phil so I have the TV muted right now.

And this is the sunset over their back yard!

How about that view?

I watched the news and Bob came in to watch it too. He left after one rerun of "The Big Bang Theory"  and I stayed up to watch the Democrat Convention. What began as a disappointment as Bernie's people booed everyone who spoke of her to begin with, ended in a triumph with the  First Lady reminding everyone that this election is about the vision of our children and grandchildren and Bernie following suit.

Then I went to bed. 


Anonymous said...

It's called Rip Rap, Bolders We Are Bringing In To Serve As A Buffer From Any Possible Hurricane Activity. Only Seen From The Water Another Load Comes Today, Then Top Layer Will Have Granit Bolders.

Margie's Musings said...

I see. I have never heard of that but I'm glad to know what it is.