Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday and a Slow Dayl

I am ready for a slow day after this week. I will have to go see Stan after he opens. The hearing aid does not seem to be working today. I put a fresh battery in it but still no sound. It's not alarming me that the battery is down either. It has a chime when that happens. I tried cleaning it out like Stan told me but still no sound.  So after he opens this morning, I will go see him. He will have to check it out.

I slept very well last night.  I got up shortly before 5:00 and made my bed and dressed and then made up my face and that's when I noticed the hearing aid was not working.

I ate by breakfast and fed Missy before we came out. It's cooler this morning so I trimmed the dead branches off the tomato plant and watered it. I also picked up some leaves from my flowerbed. I dread fall because we will have lots of leaves. There are many trees around here. I notice the landlord next door on the east has cut down a few trees. I hate that. There will be stumps now on the east side. He will not have the stumps ground down either.

He's a doctor but he spends next to nothing on the apartments next door and is waiting for his regular tenants to move out or die off so he can rent those apartments furnished to construction crews working on the streets and also the refinery when they have their turnarounds. He will get top dollar when that happens. They pay $400 a week for rent.

Today we will have goulash for lunch with chopped broccoli. Bob will bring  his coleslaw. I still have pudding for dessert. I sent the rest of the brownies I took to game day home with Karan and Marilyn. Bob does not like brownies and I sure don't need them.

Bob is at Lion's Club this morning. He will be over closer to lunch time with his salad and garlic bread.

More later....

Bob dropped by after he left Lion's Club and visited until  I left for Stan's office. Then I went to see Stan. He unplugged the hearing aid. It did have a plug of ear wax in it.  That fixed it and he put a new end in it. He said the reason I have so much trouble putting the hearing aid in is that I have a small ear canal. It also goes forward and then up. It's  very different configuration.

I went over to Maureen's after I left Stan's office. She has been in the hospital and did not want visitors.  She felt wretched and did not want to have to try to have a conversation. She's home now though. She was waiting for her daughter to come take her to Bartlesville to the doctor. She is having the laser surgery on another eye.  That's the surgery my friend, Juanita,will be having in September with the same doctor.  I hope it works as well for her.  

More later....

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