Monday, August 1, 2016

Another Busy Monday

I slept well last night. I was utterly exhausted. It was a huge day.

I had to wash the bath mat that Missy's litter box sets on this morning. She missed it and wet on it. That happens about twice a week now. As long as it's just the bathmat, I can wash that but I hope she doesn't get so she just can't make it to the litter box. That old bathmat is washable.

I don't know whether I'll go to exercise class this morning or not. I had enough exercise this past weekend to last me awhile. I'll play it by ear. It's almost time for Missy and me to go out on the carport this morning and I definitely need to water the plants and the tomato plant. I can't remember whether I did that yesterday or not but we got no rain yesterday so I sure need to get it done this morning.

Scott's deposit came in this morning and I need to pay my rent today. Whew! I also need to go to the market before lunchtime. I want to get some ham pieces for a casserole dish. I also want to get some chopped broccoli. Maybe Bob will bring a salad. I have some of the apple brown betty for dessert.

I don't know whether I want to go to exercise class or not. I'd like to change my bed but I think I will wait until tomorrow to do that. I washed my towels with that bath mat and the underwear in my basket too.

Missy is determined to roam again this morning.I have moved around on the patio so she can do that. As long as she stays in sight, I may as well let her come around here. Otherwise it's just a fight.

I have begun to have some hummingbirds again now. For some reason they disappeared for almost a month. I got the feeders out again and fill them last week and I have seen several since then.

More later....

It looks like they have the pool plumbed and poured!

I can hardly wait to see it. I might even get real brave and take my swim suit in September when we go there.

More later...

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