Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday Morning and Rain

I am delighted we got some rain last night. We really needed it and it had been all around us but never on us...just a few sprinkles.

Missy, on the other hand, is not all that thrilled. She can't roam off the carport or she will get wet. far, she is just lying on her little white mat and enjoying being out of the apartment.  I feel so sorry for this old cat. She used to have the run of the area outside over on Catalina where we used to live.  I can't do that here or she might get hurt again.

Today should be a quiet day and I am ready for one. I hope to vacuum the apartment after breakfast.  I will have to put Missy's bathmat from under her litter box back in the laundry. She missed the litter box  again last night and got urine on the mat.

In about an hour, I will pick up Bob for breakfast at Sirloin Stockade.  In the meantime, I had one cup of coffee and loaded my meds into the little black box I keep in my purse. I will take them after breakfast.

I slept well last night but got up before 5:00. As I was cleaning up Missy's litter box this morning and began to straighten up, something in the muscle of my back  strained and I had a sharp pain. I went ahead and gingerly made my bed and kept moving and it appears to have worked itself out. I hope.

My son, Keith, called me last night and we talked until he turned toward his home. He often loses the signal then. He is so good about calling. Scott is very busy with Jerod there this month so I don't hear from him as often at this time. 

More later....

I read all afternoon and finished the book Gay sent home with me. I also got the apartment vacuumed and went to Wal Mart and bought $75.00 worth of groceries. I was out of a lot of expensive stuff like cat litter and cat food and laundry detergent and bleach...not much food. I also had to buy a new hand mixer. We do bake cakes this next week.

Bob came over about 5:15 and we had some more of Karan's watermelon. It is good but there is a lot of it.  He stayed until 7:00 and then since there's really nothing on TV that either of us are interested in, he went home.  I took my bath and Missy and I went to bed about 9:00.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

It's good that your sons keep up with you when they can / we had some sort of short torrential rain overnight...
just enough to wreak a wee bit of havoc again here in our basements, on our garden plants etc.

It seems that we cannot just have a normal rain anymore :( There has been one normal rain this entire summer

Margie's Musings said...

That's aggravating, isn't it Deb? Thanks for dropping by.