Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday and Exercises

I guess I will go to exercises today even though I am looking for a call from the plumber and also one from Betty. I have the cast iron white sink Cyndi retrieved for me in the trunk of my car. Bob and I went to the house on Willow to get it Saturday morning. It weighed a ton and we were just barely able to get it into the trunk of my car. The plumber will have to get it out. It will take two of them...I am sure. I am going to bite the bullet and have the avicoto green sink removed from my kitchen and this white one installed in it's place. I dread the cost but I know Betty would not pay for it.

Betty is supposed to come some time today too and try to remove and replace the broken window in the storm door on the east side of the apartment. I have three chipped windows too over there but they have not finished breaking. The mower did the damage racing around to mow with his large mower. Betty has replaced him with a more careful man to do our mowing.

I expect Betty to want to raise our rents here again. Property taxes are going up 22% when you count state, county and city taxes.  If she does that, I will have to move again. I am at my absolute utmost ability to stay within my budget.

The Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Medicare Supplement  has not been taken out of my account yet this morning. I have checked twice and the money is still in there. They take it out each month on the 28th. The 28th was yesterday..on Sunday. I assumed they would take it out today.  This month I don't get my social security until the 14th since that is the second Wednesday of the month.  Half the month will be gone and most of my bills due so I will have to borrow from my savings again. That is so aggravating! They should pay me when they used to pay Bob...on the 3rd...since I am receiving his social security now. But there's no arguing with the government.

More later...

Well, they did take out the Blue Cross/Blue Shield premium after all. That's good. At least I know what I will have to borrow from my savings to pay my rent now.

More even later...

The plumber came at 2:00 to put in the sink Cyndi gave me. It's white and a cast iron sink. I gave the old green one to the plumbers and they can sell it for the iron in it. Betty, the landlady, also came and  took the broken window from the east side storm door to have it replaced.  I don't know what the plumber will charge me for his two hours of work. It was a big job but now the kitchen looks a lot better. His company will send me a bill.  

The pool...another step closer to being finished!

Bob came over at 5:00 and later we walked over to Brahm's, a block away,  to get an ice cream cone.  He went home at 7:00 and I took my bath and sat with Missy in the recliner until bedtime at 9:00.


Sister--Three said...

I don't get my ss until the 21 in Sept. I think that is the lastest it ever comes so 14th is likely the lastest for you. Seems like forever 'til we get paid. Hope you have a great week!

Margie's Musings said...

yes, it does, Sister-Three. I have never heard of anyone getting theirs that last. I am sorry for you for such a long wait.

Betty said...

It's very difficult to budget when you receive Social Security checks later than the first of the month. I have never gotten used to it, And, next year, the "raise" will only be one-tenth of one percent, coming on the heels of no raise at all. It's too bad seniors don't have an effective lobby. AARP has turned into nothing more than an insurance salesman. Oops. I think you hit a nerve. lol

Margie's Musings said...

Betty, I know what you mean.Some months I have to "borrow" from my meager savings and then try to get it back in after the social security finally comes in. I use that little dab of savings to pay my car insurance and auto registration and taxes each year. I don't know what I will do when it's all gone.