Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday and Exercises

This morning I will go to exercise class and then stop by Stan's to make the payment on my hearing aid. I wrote the check on Friday but he was closed on Friday and so I will need to get that done today. Then I have to plan something for lunch today.  It may be a casserole.

I also need to bake a cake for the First Christian Church in Independence for tomorrow and get it iced.  

Missy is waiting for her breakfast so I will get back to this later.

Well, we both had breakfast and then I picked up Bob for exercise class. When we got home I made a casserole from some ham I had frozen. It was a ham/potato casserole and turned out very well. I serves corn with it and Bob had some applesauce instead of a salad. I also had some mxed fruit that I served for dessert with a cookie.

He went home soon after lunch and I baked my cake and just finished icing it. Karan and Phyllis brought me theirs and all I lack now is Bob's.

I will take Bob to his sister Betty's after we deliver the cakes. He can visit her while I take Juanita to the clinic to get her blood work done.

I am reading my mail now and have been reading my book. I am making a grocery list since we will be having that basket dinner Sunday at church.

More later....

Bob called this evening. he is having some back trouble and is just staying at home this evening. He took some aspirin in hopes of getting some relief.

I watched TV until 7:45 with Missy on my lap but can't go to bed this early or I'll be up most of the night. I will just play some games. 

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