Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday and A Very Busy Day

I got up at 4:45 this morning to begin my day. After I fed both Missy and myself, I started my baking. I first baked the coffeecake and then put my cherry pie cake in the oven.  At church this morning, Johnna is fixing soup and we are to bring salads and desserts.  We will have Church School class and then after that, we will watch a video on the Christmas Child project we are involved in. Then in the 11:00 hour, we will pack our shoe boxes. Bob and I have already packed ours but perhaps we can help others.  We did ours last Tuesday after my hair appointment.

After that is finished, we will have the soup and salads and desserts. I fixed my coffeecake for the little girls and those who want some before Church School class.  I will serve the cherry pie cake for dessert following the soup and salad. If I have any left, I will try to use some of it tonight at the Living the Questions group meeting here at my apartment.  Or I will also fix apple brown betty. I will get some vanilla ice cream to use with the dessert at Braums.  I will need to go get Gary at 6:40. Karan will bring Marilyn.

It will be a very busy day...that's for sure.  So...more later.

There were several desserts at the dinner so I have most of my cherry pie cake left and will use it instead of  baking the apple brown betty. Gretchen e-mailed me that she was also bringing a dessert tonight so we should have plenty with the ice cream I bought this afternoon.

I did the dishes at church and helped load the 55 boxes we filled for the children in third world countries.

Here is a photo of the group behind the 55 boxes.

I did forget the chairs I will need tonight so I went back to get them I also picked up the full trash when I went back out to church. I have no idea where I will put 14 people in my small living room tonight. Maybe they won't all come.  I want to take a hiatus until after the holiday.  There just aren't enough of us willing to make the effort. Everyone likes to come but no one wants to be the host. It was just Karan and Marilyn and me and now Marilyn is fighting this bacterial infection so that's why I have it tonight.

So that just leaves Karan and me. As soon as Judy and Howard pick up their DVD player in Kansas City, they will be able to have us. Joyce no longer has us because her daughter and grandson are living with her and he is just a baby.  Bob has a even tinier apartment and so does Gary.  Gretchen lives in Alabama and just visits here.  She keeps a SUV here in Karan's extra garage. Richard has a tiny house too. Mona and Richard live way out in the country and this is deer mating season.  I don't want to drive in the country after dark.  I might hit a deer.

Anyhow...that's where the group is now.

More later...

Everyone came and they ate all my cherry pie cake with ice cream. We had a good visit and a good video. The discussion was also very good. Howard does a good job of moderating.

After they left, .  I took my bath and Missy and I sat in the recliner for awhile.

Then we went to bed. I was exhausted!


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I wonder why when I visit here I always leave hungry lol

Margie's Musings said...

It's the food I describe, I guess, Deb. :)